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How to make origami gift boxes

Updated on January 13, 2014

Origami boxes

Origami boxes come in all different shapes and sizes, varying from boxes that use a single piece of paper to modular origami that requires assembly of many folded modules. Origami boxes are extremely useful, as they can be used not only for storage and organization, but also as beautiful gift boxes that add a handmade and personal touch. In this lens, I've included tutorials for many different kinds of origami boxes, ranging from simple, basic boxes to more advanced and decorative ones. Happy folding!

Simple origami boxes

These boxes are great for beginners and can be used as organizers or simple gift boxes. They only require one sheet of origami paper to complete.

Non-modular hexagonal rose box

An advanced video tutorial on how to make a beautiful hexagonal rose box. This box looks amazing in any color or pattern, and is perfect as delicate jewelry boxes.

Evi's star boxes

I really love both of these boxes- they are amongst the most creative and unique origami boxes I've ever seen. If you enjoy these, feel free to check out other origami works by Evi Binzinger.

80 Sheets Chiyogami Double Sided Chiyogami Origami Paper - Dots and Stripes
80 Sheets Chiyogami Double Sided Chiyogami Origami Paper - Dots and Stripes

Cute double sided origami paper, perfect for creating colorful and interesting origami.


Ideas for origami boxes

1. Use them as jewelry boxes, to give or to store.

2. Use them to give away chocolate for Valentine's Day, or as candy containers.

3. Use them to organize beads, craft eyes, paper clips, or anything you want (see box separator tutorial above).

4. Cut out a piece of foam the same size as your box, glue it down, and use your origami box as a cute and decorative needle or pincushion.

5. Use them as cardholder boxes. Make bigger ones for flashcards, and smaller ones for business cards.

7. Use them as coin holders.

8. Use them as personalized gift boxes- type whatever you want to say (short, simple phrases work best), copy and paste it so it fills up an entire page, print it out, and fold it into a pretty gift box.

Modular origami boxes

Modular origami boxes are generally harder and more time consuming to make, but the results are beautiful, unique boxes of all different shapes and patterns that truly stand out. I've included modular boxes of all different levels of difficulties, so whether you're a beginner or an expert, feel free to give some of these a try. :)

Modular origami boxes (continued)

Since most of these are too confusing to follow paper diagrams for, I've included mostly video guides for easier instructions. All of these are comprehensible instructions for beautiful origami boxes- try a few, try them all. :)

Geometric origami box

Versailles rose box

Lovely swan box

Hexagonal spin box

Accordion box

Hexagonal spiral box

Fabulous Origami Boxes
Fabulous Origami Boxes

This is an amazing book with so, so many recommendations online. Feel free to check out some of Tomoko Fuse's works before buying this- the origami she makes and the origami boxes included in this book are both amazingly stunning.


How experienced are you at origami?

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Please post any comments, suggestions, or question here~ Or just drop by for a quick hello :)

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