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How To Sew Bishop Sleeves For A Shirt Dress | Make Blouse Sleeves

Updated on October 15, 2015

Bishop Sleeves With Loops and Ball Buttons

Bishop sleeves can be made in many women dresses, dress shirts, or blouse by a dressmaker. Bishop sleeves are sleeves that are soft and full with rouleau loop fasteners and tapered cuffs. You can find bishop sleeves on tie neck tunic dress, tie neck blouse, collared shirts, pinafore or open neck blouse.

To be able to sew bishop sleeves, it is a good idea to use a commercial sewing pattern so that you can follow the instructions on how to sew this type of sleeve with loops and ball buttons. choose soft fabric to make your bishop sleeves to make it look glamorous and fashionable. Soft fabrics create the full but soft shape of the bishop sleeves.

Follow the pattern markings on the sleeves. Mark the cuff details on the fabric, make sure that you measure your wrists for fitting. Measure your arms, above your wrist about 41/2 inches.


Types Of Bishop Sleeves For a Shirt Dress

There are many types of bishop sleeve styles that you can make depending on your sewing skills. You can make:

  • Gathered bishop sleeve crown
  • Full sleeve without cuff
  • Bishop sleeve with frilled wrist
  • Full bishop sleeve with fitted top

The pattern layout, cutting and sewing of the shirt dress is the same. The only thing is the type of bishop sleeve variation that you want to stitch on the dress.

How To Make Up Bishop Sleeves

  • You can make the type of bishop sleeves with a rolled opening
  • Cut two fabric pieces and interface the top of each cuff
  • You should have the buttons that you want to fasten to the cuffs
  • Note that the cuffs will be fastened with rouleau loops and buttons. Therefore, the size of the buttons should fit the size of the loops.
  • You can alternatively use ball buttons

How To Make Rouleau Loops For Bishop Sleeves

  • Make about 1/8 inch for the rouleau loops width
  • Cut the width of the bias strip four times
  • The length of the bias strip will depend on how many buttons you want to use, and the size of the buttons

How To attach The Loops To The Cuffs Of The Bishop Sleeves

  • Take the dome measurement of just one button to know the length of each of the rouleau loops.
  • Cut the loops to the calculated measured size of the button
  • Follow the sewing pattern instructions on how to space the loops on the cuff edge
  • To be sure that you do it right, it is a good idea to stitch the loops in place by hand first
  • With right sides facing, lay the interfaced lower cuffs and top sections together
  • Leave the top edge open as you tack and sew on the sides and wrist edge
  • Trim seam allowance
  • Snip across the corners
  • Avoid pressing the loops as you turn the cuff to the right side, edge tack and press

How To Finish Stitching The Cuffs On The Shirt Dress

  • Tack and sew the opened edge of the loop, right sides facing with cuff interfaced piece to the sleeve wrist edge.
  • Let the loops be on the sleeve top, not on the sleeve seam, rather to the end of the sleeve top opening.
  • Trim and press seam allowance into the cuff
  • Fold the raw edge under seam allowance of the remaining raw edge
  • Slip stitch
  • Press the inside edge that was stitched
  • Attach the buttons for the loops

How To Stitch Ball Buttons On Women Shirt Dress

For the buttons to settle into the loops round ends, it is better to fasten on ball buttons firmly. If you want to use buttonholes for your ball buttons, it is better to sew it loosely on the cuffs. Avoid sewing the ball buttons too tightly as they can easily slip out of the buttonholes.

How To Design Bishop Sleeve


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