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My Michael Jackson Drawings - A Tribute To The King Of Pop In Art

Updated on November 12, 2009

About My Michael Jackson Drawings

This is my second Hub honoring Michael Jackson with my art. The first Hub featured my Michael Jackson paintings. This Hub will feature my Michael Jackson drawings. These drawings like my paintings were done to honor the King of Pop and to be a remembrance of him. Though I was a big fan and admired Michael greatly, I never took the time to do any artwork of him. After his death however, I was inspired to do something to honor him and keep him in my memory as well as others.

There are other people that I admire and I don't want to wait until they're gone before I do some artwork of them. President Obama is one of those people and I have already done a painting of him. The drawings here were the first art pieces I did of Michael. They are actually ACEO sketch cards. After doing the drawings I felt I needed to do something bigger. Something that would say something more than the drawings and that's where the paintings came in.

I mentioned this on my Michael Jackson Paintings Hub, but in case you didn't see it I have the pencil work done for a third painting of the King of Pop on my Michael Jackson Art Squidoo Lens. I'm taking a poll on whether I should do the painting or not. If you have the time would you please stop by and put in your vote. I would truly appreciate it.

Michael Jackson Drawing #1

My First Michael Jackson Drawing

This is the first Michael Jackson drawing I decided to do. In this Michael looks different than we're use to seeing him. He has sort of a mysterious look. His eyes seem like they're more looking through than looking at you. I liked the fact that Michael is out of character here and gives another dimension to him.

This drawing is a sketch card size ACEO, which is 2.5"x3.5". Check out the video on how I did this drawing below.

If you would like to buy this original Michael Jackson drawing, it is up for sale on my website. Click the link to go there right now.

My First Michael Jackson Drawing Video

Michael Jackson Drawing #2

My Second Michael Jackson Drawing

In this second Michael Jackson drawing, Michael has achieved that Peter Pan look he wanted and the outrageous fur gives this drawing an interesting look. This drawing is also an ACEO sketch card 2.5"x3.5". I have also done an ink drawing like this one that you can see at my Michael Jackson Art Squidoo Lens along with some Michael Jackson posters from my original art.

Okay, there is no video for this drawing and I know this is supposed to be a video Hub Of my Michael Jackson drawings, but I have only done two drawings of Michael and I wanted to show them both.

If you would like to own this Michael Jackson drawing, it is also on my website. Just click the link.

Thanks For Dropping By

I have some more art video Hubs on the way so I hope you will watch out for them and I hope you enjoyed my Michael Jackson drawings. You can check out my Michael Jackson Paintings Hub right now.

Thanks for viewing.

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    • artguy profile image

      artguy 7 years ago from Columbus

      Thanks hiten I certainly will.

    • profile image

      hiten 7 years ago

      nice wonderfull.........keep it up......

    • profile image

      edwin 8 years ago

      good job on draw him

    • profile image

      sobhan 8 years ago

      good job man

    • artguy profile image

      artguy 8 years ago from Columbus

      Thanks again Wayne. I look forward to seeing more of your videos.

    • Wayne Tully profile image

      Wayne Tully 8 years ago from United Kingdom

      Another great hubpage featuring your realistic drawings of michael jackson! well done!