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original sketches

Updated on June 15, 2010

well here is one of my original sketches,please let me know what you think.It's a pencil sketch of psylocke from the X-Men,I was just playing around with a couple of looks for her.for some one reason my scanner makes this sketch look like its pen and ink.I think I'll have to look into photo-shopping or something to get my pictures to turn out like I want them,but any way this is the first but not the last sketch.there will be more.all the characters that appear on this page are owned by marvel,or dc,this is nothing more than fan art,I don't own the rights to none of these characters.

this is a sketch of electros daughter I was trying to make her appear like she was coming out of the paper but I have a long way to go.the bottom picture is my take on red sonia instead of the sword I gave her twin spiked steel balls please let me know what you think,all comments are welcome.I have finally committed myself to fully developing my craft.for the last few months I've improved a little bit on my work ethic,but now I have decided to dedicate two hours a night to sketching and working on my anatomy and everything of today everynight from 9 pm to 11 pm will be the time I use to hone my craft to perfection.I have finished two of my scripts for two graphic novels,so now I'm just going to concentrate on designing the characters and backgrounds.I'm hoping that in about a year or two I will be able to hold my own with the pros,really I'm hoping it will be sooner but I have a lot of work to do,so its practice practice focus focus,work it out,work it out.thanx for taking the time to check out my stuff,more is coming.peace I'm audi 5000.

more sketches

whats up? its me again with a couple of more sketches below is a sketch of jean grey as marvel girl with the phoenix force manifesting. below her is mary marvel with a redesigned costume that I was playing around with and below her is Nikki Frost one of my original characters that I'm playing around with.frost has the power to manipulate ectoplasm in a variety of ways.and below frost is one of my favorite original characters called the nurse she's called the nurse but she's really a doctor she's a member of a group of doctors and scientist that I have created for my universe,her specialty is genetics.comments welcome.thanx for dropping in,there's more sketches coming,peace I'm audi 5000.

more scribblings

well I'm back with a couple of more sketches,that will be it for this hub next week I will create a new hub with finished pieces,that's a sketch of lightning lass that I was playing around with like everything on this hub it's unfinished,below her is a rough sketch re imagining of spider mans foe the tarantula,I have this idea for a new tarantula since the tarantula hasn't appeared in years,below her is baby doll a new shield agent that I'm playing around with,below her is a basic sketch of pepper potts in her Iron man armor and below her is my take on the molecule man a villain for marvel that marvel has forgotten about,and below him is a green lantern a rookie to the corps that I created for this story I'm working on called Welcome to the abyss involving John Stewart,Guy Gardner,Mongul,Super-boy prime,the controllers,and Professor Zoom sort of a D.C.try out a graphic novel I'm working on that will showcase my writing ability, my story telling,and showcase my drawing ability.I have one for marvel too,I'm using there characters and trying my best to come up with something that will blow their sox off.write now I have four scripts that I'm working on,one for marvel,one D.C,two for image,I want to be ready in six months,but I'm a realest I see my level and I see the level of ed benes,Adam Hughes,and the rest of the industry so I've have given myself a dead line of two years max,two years to climb from where I am now to the level of the big guns two years to hit the industry like a nuclear bomb I'm coming I will enter the art institue next year to take up culinary arts to become a chef,but at the same time I'm going to take the Joe kubert online and through the mail course so hopefully when I finish school I should be up to grade with the top guns and I can just slide into the industry straight out of school,thats the plan any way.peace I'm audi 5000


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    • bill yon profile image

      bill yon 8 years ago from sourcewall

      thanx I really appreciate that.

    • Mike Lickteig profile image

      Mike Lickteig 8 years ago from Lawrence KS USA

      Bill, keep it up. You definitely have a flair for the medium which shines through in your work.

    • bill yon profile image

      bill yon 8 years ago from sourcewall

      I'm working towards graphic novels and children books.practice,practice,practice,and more practice,thanx for dropping in.

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 8 years ago from Chicago

      Excellent work, Bill. I am impressed. Maybe your future lies in animation?

    • bill yon profile image

      bill yon 8 years ago from sourcewall

      thanx.This page will be loaded down with original stuff so stay tuned and please let me know what you think.

    • Hmrjmr1 profile image

      Hmrjmr1 8 years ago from Georgia, USA

      Koo El! Great Work..

    • bill yon profile image

      bill yon 8 years ago from sourcewall soon as I work out the kinks with my scanner I'll upload a couple more to this page.

    • Aya Katz profile image

      Aya Katz 8 years ago from The Ozarks

      Nice sketch! Action comes through loud and clear!