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Origami yami...

Updated on April 17, 2015
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I'm into a variety of crafts, mostly making jewelry. My creativity comes from my father's side. Me I'm into too much! I go through phases.

Really how hard is it to learn the basics?

So how did I get inteested in Origami?

I think it started when I was in grade school, (though I'm just picking it up now) I was going to an orthodentist and his wife (which was also his assistant) would make Paper Cranes. What was so special about them that I remembered them?

Well they were no ordinary origami paper cranes. They were a more advanced version, when you pulled the tail, the wings flapped.

This past november (2013) my cousin's husband for their paper (1st) anniversary did an Origami centerpiece, some Roses, puffy stars, and lilies.

Not long after he mentioned that he was doing that for their anniversary I was in Barnes & Noble with my mother and in the bargain section she noticed an 'Everything Origami' book. Looking through it it has that crane in that the wings flap!

November 11 is ORIGAMI day!

Origami day article

Materials & Tools

Time: can vay from seconds to (when first learning some) an hour

Cost: varies by size and type of paper

Materials & Tools

  1. your hands (of course)


  2. Origami paper - to start whatever the cheapest you can find

    (it comes in various sizes some small like 2 or 3 inches square.others can start at a 5 or 6 inch square up 12 inches. to I think I've seen)

  3. Diagram (and / or) instructions
  4. *Box cutter or paper cutter

    (like that used for scrapbooking so you can cut a straight line & the ruler is already there!)there is NO CUTTING in origami

    unless like my cousin's husband you had no choice as they don't sell Origami paper where they live, so he did ALL the cutting of the paper to size then spent the time to learn & then make the pieces! (now that is what you call patience & Love!)

  5. *Ruler

Want to learn too?

Everything Origami (Binder)
Everything Origami (Binder)

Here is the book I have tried the crane I mentioned but there's one part I get stuck on following the instructions & diagrams.

Fiskars Paper Trimmer 12 Grey
Fiskars Paper Trimmer 12 Grey

I have this here, though I am able to find Origami paper but I use it for other things. You will be sure to get the right size with this & a nice straight edge.


Origami Crane diagram instructions - from Prison Break magazine

How I learned

thought to include the directions of HOW I learned to do the simplest Crane, and Prison Break Magazine was the ONLY ones that had good step by step instructions.

(Image credit: Scanned by me, of my copy of the now defunct Prison Break magazine. It was in Issue #2 pages 61 (the article) - 63. The magazine only made it to I think it was 8 issues.

Origami Class by ZodiacImmortal

Diagrams are great but they don't always help us out. SOme of us sometimes need to see how its done in order to learn how to do something. So here I have (so far) included how to fold:

a basic Crane &

a Cup (which can be used at least once)

1000 Cranes = 1 wish

someone I knew did this for someone's wedding!

Read about the legend

Otherwise let me know what you think in the guest book

So I've learned how to do A Cup so far, which is very easy. Figured out how to do the crane again, but I really would like to learn how to do the one you can flap its wings. (I'm still amused as when I was a kid my orthodentist's wife would make them for me.. every visit!) The one in the book sadly does not look the same but I'm sure once I learn it that maybe I can get it to look like hers.

Dec 25.

I brought my origami book over to my Aunt's to show Gerrit and ask if he could help with the puffy stars as mine do not seem to be coming out right. Ah yeah I was trying to fold the piece under each time I wrapped it which you don't do. you just wrap it like a ribbon,(well with t he loop a little higher) then you wrap the longer end around until it gets small then tuck that in & 'pinch' the sides.

He also figured out how to do the Crane that 'flies' So I have one I can work from between the directions and seeing how its folded. He taught me hwoo to do at least one of the folds for the 3-d origami tho' these ones were only half a sheet of the regular size I have which is I thin a 5 or 6" square. So I have to make a few videos for those.. (let's hope I don't forget overnight!

You can find some paper and book options with this Widget

How to make a crane

Origami tablets - THese I got in a pad, they are to write notes on & pass off there 2 per pic

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