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Updated on December 5, 2013

Instructions on D.I.Y. Hillbilly Wine Glasses

What's hilarious to see is that Redneck Wine Glasses have crept up on the bestseller list of wine glasses on and are rubbing shoulders with the high falutin' Riedel wine glasses for serious wine snobs. These low key drink holders offer a generous chug and are a great way to get the party started for some serious fun. They're also ideal for backyard barbecues and summer sippin'.

I love that America has a sense of humor when it comes to drinking wine. There are a couple of different brands of what they're also calling Southern Style Wine Glasses which are basically a ball mason jar on a glass stem. One popular brand is by Carson Home Accents.

The other is Kountry Krystal, endorsed by Jeff Foxworthy and there are sets available featuring hilarious coasters with Foxworthy's signature "You Know You're a Redneck When...." jokes. With the ready made mason jar drinking jugs, they're ready to use out of the box. But if you're a d.i.y. kind of crafty person, you can easily just make 'em yourself.

Whether you call them Hillbilly Wine Glasses, Mason Jar Wine Glasses or Southern Wine Glasses, you can also give it a go to Make Your Own Redneck Wine Glasses for about half the cost. It's basically just a ball mason jar or really you can use any glass jar and stick it to a glass candlestick base. Just make sure you get the right kind of glue to ensure a tight waterproof seal and we've listed below one of the most reliable glues for this application that's not usually found in most households, but is inexpensive and recommended by most crafters.

You can even get downright goofy if you've got an old mayonnaise sized jar kicking around and make one special jug for your special guest of honor. Or you can actually buy half gallon wide mason jars that are typically used for canning large fruit like pears and peaches. Be sure to use the special E-6000 craft glue that will ensure a secure fit and test it out before using it for a party to see if it can holding up all that extra weight.

Lately, I've been seeing people fill the large half gallon sizes with ice and fresh fruit, fill with their favorite summer beverage and cap it off with a screw top lid that has a straw coming out of it. You can either buy these straw/lid combos pre-made or you can just make 'em yourself. There's a fancier grommet version or an easy way to do it by just using a hole punch. See instructions below.

Bling it on or glam it up by adding personalized touches. Add rhinestones, glass beads, team logos, pins or other tchotchke like costume jewellery and thrift store finds. To give as a gift, take some yarn or even better use raffia which kind of looks like straw or just plain brown string and attach a gift card made of plain cardboard or even cut-out from the back of an old cereal box. Now that's a red neck gift card! If you wanna get even fancier, make up a little poem. You'll see examples below.

It's the perfect project for a girls night craft party but it could even be fun for couples art night. Host a red neck wine party. These glasses are ideal for co-ed engagement parties, poker nites, family get togethers and other special occasions when you just want to keep things fun. Check out the D.I.Y. how to videos below and a list of where to get supplies to make your own Red Neck Wine Glasses. I've also listed online stores that sell mason jar wine glasses all ready-to-go if you just want to get drinkin' and partyin'. Have fun!

Kountry Krystal Redneck Sippin' Glass

Source: Kountry Krystal |

Updated 9/11, 9/20 & 9/24 | 11/14/2013 | 11/19 | 11/30/2013

How Much Does It Cost to Make Redneck Wine Glasses?

Less Than $5 Each

You can certainly buy ready made Redneck Wine Glasses if you have a large wedding or event and need a large quantity fast but where would be the fun in that. It'll cost about half the price if you make 'em yourself. Plus if you need to make lots have a party to make a bunch.

These are estimated costs and prices of individual materials may be different in your area. But here's a rough idea. It'll probably cost around $4-$5 each. The ones already made will cost about double. I see ready made glasses run about $10 and up on and there are some hand crafted sets on eBay that also cost $10 and up once you add in the cost of shipping.

Each Jar = $2.00

Candlestick = $2.00

Glue = $.25

Supplies Needed for DIY Redneck Wine Glasses

Here's What You're Gonna Need...

Mason or Ball Jars

Candlestick Holders


#1 - Glass Mason Jars

Ball Mason Jars Recommended | 16 oz or 1 Pint Size

If you have a lot of jam jars or old glass jars just lying around the house and don't know what to do with them -- they're perfect for this project. Just be sure to run them through the dishwasher using the hottest water setting to sterilize them before starting on this project.

Also, here's a great little tip. Check that the bottom of the jars are flat, not rounded so that there is enough surface area to ensure a strong adhesive bond if you wanna make mason jars with stems that are sturdy enough to hold a glass of wine without falling off.

Ball Regular Mouth Pint Jars with Lids and Bands- Set of 12 (by Jarden Home Brands)
Ball Regular Mouth Pint Jars with Lids and Bands- Set of 12 (by Jarden Home Brands)
Ball Glass Mason Jars are recommended to make Redneck Wine Glasses. The 16 ounce size is perfect for this project. Although an 8 ounce size is available, you'll most appreciate the larger 1 pint (16 oz) size. What redneck would pass up the opportunity to have room for more booze? This set also includes the lids so your drinks can be totally spill-proof. This is one of the bestselling glass mason jars on Amazon. If you search other brands or suppliers, be sure to check the shipping costs when you compare prices.

The Original is Made With Regular Mouth Jars - However, You Can Also Use Wide Mouth Jars

These sets include the glass jars, lids and screw top bands. I was actually at a large street party recently and this guy had a mason jar filled with cut lemons, oranges and maraschino cherries and I don't know if he had lemonade, sweet iced tea or even something stronger like Long Island ice tea but it looked so thirst quenching and delicious that I just wanted to tear it out of his hands.

So, I must get cracking on making some of this myself. But there's a serving suggestions for you, sliced lemons and limes and even mint leaves depending on what you're serving. Because of the lids, they're handy for more than just wine but all kinds of drinks.

Ball Wide Mouth 24-Ounce Jars with Lids and Bands, Set of 9
Ball Wide Mouth 24-Ounce Jars with Lids and Bands, Set of 9
TALL & THIN: You can attempt to make Hillbilly champagne glasses with these tall and thin jars.

Even More Redneck-y - Make a Wine Glass With Handles

Even though these are not your normal everyday mason jar, I love that it's been manufactured as one with a handle. Sure, these glasses are perfectly fine to use on their own, once you attach a candlestick holder, I think it's even more hilarious. Whoever heard of a wine glass with a handle? Now that's taking it one step further and being darn right fancy, I'd say.

These glasses are also handy to have on hand for any party as water drinking glasses or for drinking soda. Perfect to have on hand if you want the appropriate matching glassware.

16 ounce Drinking Jars Case of 12 CHECK PRICE

16 Ounce Drinking Jars Set of 12CHECK PRICE

#2 - Glass Candlestick Holders 4" - For Redneck Wine Glasses

4" Candlestick Holders - Stems/Base For Redneck Wine Glass - 6 Pack CS-6pk
4" Candlestick Holders - Stems/Base For Redneck Wine Glass - 6 Pack CS-6pk
These 6 glass 4" candlestick holders are one of the most popular sets on to assemble Redneck Wine Glasses. It's ideal when you only need to make a small number of wine glasses. Sets of 12 candlestick holders are also available.

Need a Dozen Candlestick Holders or More? - 4" Glass Candlestick Bases by Libbey & Others

You can first check your local dollar store, Ikea or craft stores for inexpensive glass candle holders. However, Libbey is one of the recommended brands to make Hillbilly Wine Glasses and are conveniently available to buy online. Click on any of the photos below to check prices.

Libbey 4" Clear Glass Candleholder, Set of 12
Libbey 4" Clear Glass Candleholder, Set of 12
BEST PRICE. THIS IS THE MOST POPULAR ONE. Great customer reviews and recommendations on this candle holder being ideal for craft projects. Click here to check out the most current price.

Here Are Some Tips for Using This Type of Glue - Make Sure The Room is Well Ventilated

This video has some great tips on working with this glue which is very toxic smelling. It's so easy to assume, hey, we're just doing crafts no big deal. But if you're having a craft party you want to keep every one safe. And even if you're working on your own, craft safely.

Make sure to open windows and grab a portable fan to get the air circulating. Best tip ever in this video on how to work with E6000 glue is to use a plastic zip lock bag as a pastry bag to prevent it from drying out to quickly. Just click on the play button below. So clever.

#3 - Wonderin' What Type of Glue to Use For the Project? - You'll Need a Reliable, Waterproof Adhesive

If you normally swear by using a hot glue gun for all your craft projects, put it back in its holster. A hot glue gun with glue sticks isn't necessarily the best adhesive that's going to necessarily be strong enough for this project.

E-6000 Adhesive is one of the best clear epoxy available. While you could be tempted to just use some old superglue that's been in your cupboard, you'll want to get this highly recommended adhesive which all experienced crafters utilize. It's also relatively inexpensive.

This is a must have for this project because it's waterproof. If you're giving Redneck Wine Glasses as a gift or plan on using them for a party, you don't want to risk red wine being spilled accidentally because of a glue malfunction. It's only a few bucks and so worth having the right kind of glue for the project.

If you're planning a crafts night, you can also buy a party pack of 10 or even a pack of 50 E-6000 Adhesive. It's also available as a 6 pack which is the perfect size if you're just having over a few friends for a craft party but want to give each guest a decent size so they'll have enough left over to take home to use for future craft projects.

E-6000 Adhesive Metal, Glass, Fiberglass Masonry And Concrete Clear Carded 2 Oz
E-6000 Adhesive Metal, Glass, Fiberglass Masonry And Concrete Clear Carded 2 Oz
BEST SELLER. This 2 ounce size is the most popular size people are getting. It's not too small a tube and not too big. However, it's also available in a tiny half ounce size tube which is fine if you're just gluing together 1 or 2 glasses. Otherwise, spring for the 2 or 3.7 ounce sizes which are only a couple bucks more and can be used for other craft projects.

Customize Your Creation

Get It Engraved

If you want to make your glasses for a special occasion like a bridal or wedding shower, take it to one of those customized engraving places in the mall to see if they will engrave the bride and groom's names on the glasses and the date of the wedding.

You an also customize the glasses with sports decals and different cartoon characters to people know which glass is theirs. No need to make it all beautiful, it's a Redneck craft creation after all.


You can add gemstones and rhinestones to your creations. Just Add Some Sparkle

Redneck Wine Glasses


D.I.Y. Re-purposed Mason Jar Wine Glasses

Even More Redneck Wine Glass Craft Ideas

Do It Yourself Redneck Wine Glass - Tutorials On How To Make 'Em Yourself

Sometimes it helps to watch a bunch of different videos before you get started and you'll find each one has different invaluable tips and techniques. For example, in the video with Jus4SweetZ, she tells you why you should use the more heavy duty craft glue vs. a glue gun.

Although the glue gun will get the job done faster, as soon as it gets wet from either any wine drips or when you wash it, it's likely not to stay glued long term. And if you end up having a red wine glass malfunction, you'll then have to look up red wine carpet stain removal videos. So get the right glue for the job.

You may also want to pre-sand the bottom of the mason jar so the adhesive can have a rough surface to stick to. There's also a cute idea before you glue everything together is to stick a bead in the center. So you can have different color beads so people can tell their drink glasses apart. A small marble would probably work too.

Jus4Sweet Z recommends leaving your project to dry for a total of 48 hours. She also checks the project every few hours and rotates it so the glue will dry evenly.

Craft project on how to make a

In this fifteen minute video, Nicole takes the time to breakdown what you need to do step by step exactly what you need to do to make a Redneck Wine Glass. She even takes the time to tell you what you need to do to store any leftover epoxy.

The ladies recommend cleaning the jar bottom first with alcohol so it's a nice clean surface for the glue to adhere.

Make a Beer Mug Shot Glass Combo

Why bother with two separate glasses when you can just carry one 2 in 1 mug.

Thought You'd Seen Everything? - Now This is Priceless

This doesn't look hard to make. The key would be to invest in the heavy-duty E-6000 craft glue and allow at least 24-48 hours before you want to use them to make sure there's time for the glue to set. It's the two-in-one beer mug shot glass combo. I think it would be great if you could even attach a salt shaker to the side, that would be funny as well.

Redneck Single Barrel Beer Mug Shot Glass
Redneck Single Barrel Beer Mug Shot Glass
Sold by Discovery Channel. Perfect gift for a Bachelor or Bachelorette party. You can also use it to go around selling kisses or shots and have people fill the mason jar with money.
Pewter Lid for Mason Jar 70-Twist (PK of 12)
Pewter Lid for Mason Jar 70-Twist (PK of 12)
These are handy if you take your glasses on picnics or outdoors and are walking from say the back porch to the beach and don't want any spillage.
Solar Lid-light Gift Set with Scented Tea Light, Weathered Galvanized Finish (Lid Only)
Solar Lid-light Gift Set with Scented Tea Light, Weathered Galvanized Finish (Lid Only)
How fun is this? It's a lid that lights up. That'll come in handy when yer drinkin' late at night and gotta find you way back to the porch.

Add a Custom Gift Tag

I made up this goofy little poem, feel free to copy but "shorely you can cum up wid one on yer own."

A toast to you

It's your friendship I treasure

Ain't not better time to

Drink at our leisure

Spending time with you

Is one of life's great pleasures

Redneck Hillbilly Poem & Gift Tag | Source: Photobucket Shared by ladyberna

Don't Put 'Em in No Fancy Dishwarshing Machine

They're Not Exactly Dishwasher Safe

Although the E-6000 glue is waterproof, like any epoxy, it's not exactly heat resistant. So, I'd recommend hand washing. If you're giving these as gifts, advise people they're best to just hand wash and not to leave soaking for long periods of time in hot water.

Also, try to buy jars with a flat bottom. Many crafters also recommend cleaning well with something like an acetone nail polish remover to ensure there's no dust or dirt that will interfere with getting a good seal. Other people suggest using a fine grit sandpaper to give the epoxy something to adhere.

Another tried and true tip is to make the glasses at least 48 hours ahead of time to give the adhesive plenty of time to set. For the first day, set the glasses upside down and put something heavy on it. Then the next day flip it over and do the same. To read more handy dandy tips, click through this article from The Crafty Bug and scroll to the bottom of the page where you'll read lots of informative comments offering sage advice. Click here.

Photo Source: Adrienne Jenkins

Even Easier Project


Turn Any Mason Jar Into a No-Spill Drinking Glass With a Straw

#1 - Do-It-Yourself Redneck Glasses

Make Your Own Drinking Cup Out of a Mason Jar

Step 1: So easy. Buy these lids pre-punched with a hole and straw.

Step 2: Screw onto a mason jar. You're now ready to start drinkin'.

Mason Ball Jar Lid with StrawSHOP NOW

How to Make a Hole in a Mason Jar Lid for a Straw

I've been at backyard barbecues lately and have seen people fill mason jars with ice, cut-up lemons, limes and strawberries and filled with lemonade, ice tea or something else thirst quenching. But the best part of it is that there's a lid and a straw for easy sippin'.

You can either buy a lid with a straw attached. Or you can do-it-yourself. Here's a video where a lady uses a grommet and I've found several links that do it pretty much the same way. That's the hard way where you get out a drill or a hammer bit. Then I've also included an easy way, where someone else just hauls out their hole punch. Check out all the handy crafty links below and pick one that works for you.

Party Ready | Rednek Sipper Jar Set: Hillbilly Home Drinking Collection with Lid and StrawSHOP NOW

Perfect for an outdoor, backyard wedding, have you ever seen a wine glass with a lid on it?

It's perfect for a no-spill glass of red wine.

Available as Singles, Set of 2 or 4

Available for a Limited Time Only - Ball Jar Heritage Collection Pint Jars with Lids and Bands

Ball Jar Heritage Collection Pint Jars with Lids and Bands, Blue, Set of 6
Ball Jar Heritage Collection Pint Jars with Lids and Bands, Blue, Set of 6
Originally released in 1913, the Ball company is issuing a special limited edition version for 2013 in a beautiful signature blue color.

ADDITIONAL PROJECT - Make Redneck Lugnut Wine Charms

In this video, the crafter shows you how to make regular wine glass charms. But it got me thinking, you could go through your toolbox or even your sewing kit and make redneck wine charms using this method and either put old buttons or a combination of old keys or screws. Let people choose if they want to be "screwed", "keyed" or "buttoned up". Be creative.

The Latest Redneck Novelty - Making Red Solo Cup Wine Glasses

Mason Jar Projects
Mason Jar Projects

The Humble Mason Jar Celebrated

More Ways to Get Creative With Canning Jars & Lids

OMG. I had no idea how many things you can do with a mason jar. I just googled mason jar projects and up popped all these cool photos on Pintrest of all these creative things people are doing with mason jars. I thought the RedNeck wine glasses were pretty cool but then you'll have to see for yourself how people have gotten all fancy with decorating and customizing them.

One great example is how baseball fan has applied decals and made a Chicago Cubs Redneck Hillbilly Beverage Holder. You'll also find more ideas here to make solar lights, a decorative diffuser, an advent calendar and more. People are just so darn clever.

Check out more mason jar projects on Pinterest. Click on the photo to the right to get started and you'll be amazed at all the bulletin boards filled with great ideas and crafting projects.

Just One More Yummy Idea...

Key Lime Pie in a Jar

Source: GoBoldWithButter

Key Lime Pie in a Jar

I also found this great Facebook page called Trailerhood Livin' for Spoiled Babies and it's got some great photos and ideas from across the web including an American flag made up of fruit skewers of bananas alternating with strawberries and blueberries for the stars. It is so cute. There's also some easy to make fruit and veggie platters of sesame street characters. You gotta see 'em 'cause it doesn't look at all hard to make.

You Might Be A Redneck If... - Jeff Foxworthy

Source: Warner Bros. | Amazon

I had totally forgotten about Jeff Foxworthy's whole "You Might Be a Redneck If..." stand-up routine until I stumbled upon these crazy beverage containers and started poking around the internet for information and both his videos, books and stand-up routines popped up. It's hard to believe it was over 20 years ago where he both poked fun at and celebrated the joys of rocking a mullet.

Foxworthy calls being a redneck a "glorious absence of sophistication". So before we get started, press play on this classic video clip that's just a little over six minutes long for fun inspiration. You may also want to get a copy of his routine on CD. That way if you have a crafting party, you can just grab a koozie and have something to listen to while you're waiting for the glue to set.

What's amazing is that the book is still on Amazon's bestseller list after all these years. Now thanks to YouTube, you can find a lot of Jeff Foxworthy and friends stand-up comedy tour bits online.


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