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Stick People Car Window Decals Stickers

Updated on October 6, 2014

Sticky People You Gotta Love Em

Stick people on car windows. The family of stick figures decals you see while driving behind a van or SUV. Family of stick figures staring at you while in a traffic jam. Car window stickers that make you smile.

Window graphics of stick familys. Auto window decals of stick figures. Plastic stickers on windows of cute family stick figures. Families of stick figures plastered on windows across a long line of traffic. Vinyl stick figure family stickers glaring at you from in front. Dogs, Cats, Fireman, stick figures of ladies with long hair, short hair, curly hair, different colors of pink, blue, white. You name it! Stickers coming out of you eyeballs. Whether or not they drive you crazy, they keep multipying every time I take a drive. Every time I stop at a stoplight, I see another family glaring at me. I think they are cute and wish I could have one. Browse around and see all the different designs they have come up with. I bet you are in here somewhere.

When I First Started Noticing The Stickers

Summer of 2010

I first started noticing these cute sticker decal families about two years ago. The sticker families are stuck on large vehicles more often than not and usually have a man, woman, little girl, little boy and baby, or family cat, or dog.

Sticker Families - Anything You Can Think Of And More

Here are some interesting sticker family decals that I have seen. These are not the normal ones, but rather an offering of some different styles of plastic decals for your car window of families.

Even The Family Pet Gets In On The Action

Pet family stick figure stickers that stand out on a car window. Wouldn't it be cute if they could actually do specific pet breeds on window stickers. Might be hard with just using a stick figure. But its worth a try. Look below.

So Many Creative Designs To Choose From - Family Car Decals Are Off The Wall

People are getting creative with these family stickers decals. They are inventing new ideas every day, such as biker family decal stick people figures, rowing family decal window sticker, swimming family decal stick people window stickers.

Motorhomes and Rv Family Stick People Decals Too

Now that summer is almost here I bet I will see more of these a rv decal sticker truck trailer motorhome stick people another day paradise. What a unique and creative sticker. This one would be perfect in the back of a motorhome window.

RV Family Stick People Decals

You can have your choice of colors on these stickers


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