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Thomas Kinkade Puzzles

Updated on March 3, 2016

Puzzles of the Paintings of Thomas Kinkade

As the most collected American artist during his lifetime, Thomas Kinkade has delighted millions with his paintings which include his trademark theme of light, which is part of every painting he creates.

So the idea of transferring those magnificent paintings to other compelling products with those images included as part of the package is a great one. That has been done with Thomas Kinkade puzzles, which give people an opportunity to engage in the fun and challenge of putting together a puzzle, with the additional enjoyment of seeing the finished work, while enjoying the parts of the painted whole in a way that can't be done any other way.

Putting Thomas Kinkade art on a puzzle is a natural extension of the painter's work. Included among the puzzle images are his best works. Some of the puzzles are also offered in sets of three or more, giving the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful variety he has painted throughout the years.

Either way, fans of Thomas Kinkade, and emerging fans as well, will enjoy the tranquil and beautiful scenery connected to the painting style and inspiration behind the art of Thomas Kinkade, and will enjoy putting these puzzles together and delighting in seeing the fantastic finished product.

Country Living Puzzle from Painting of Thomas Kinkade

This is a really nice painting and puzzle challenge of 'Country Living' by Thomas Kinkade. When you look at all those flowers of similar color, you know you've got your work cut out for you when you get down to doing it. My favorite part of the picture is the cottage and windmill, along with the red truck sitting by ready for action when the time is needed.

Country Living

'Sunset at Riverbend Farm' Puzzle from Thomas Kinkade

Since we started with a country theme I thought I'd add another puzzle with that in mind. In this painting we see Sunset at Riverbend Farm. We have the farmhouse far in the background with the nice red, traditional barn in the middle. That nice garden in front and the dirt road going along the side of the barn reminds me of days when I used to work on and/or own a farm.

Sunset at Riverbend Farm

Lightlight Inn Puzzle

One of my favorite elements of painting is seeing those shiny streets, and this painting by Thomas Kinkade has all of that. Putting it together as a puzzle would be challenging with all those mixed colors adding some delightful confusion to the mix.

Lamplight Inn

The Miller's Cottage - Thomashire Puzzle

Here's a fun, round puzzle of The Miller's Cottage, from Thomas Kinkade. This would also be a great and challenging puzzle to put together, with those hazy areas blending with the clouds really offering a good challenge. The blue roof would also add some great frustration time when putting it together. Well worth the effort when you see the great image you would see and be able to enjoy when it's completed..

The Miller's Cottage - Thomashire

3-in-1 Thomas Kinkade Puzzles

Below are several puzzles in one that I mentioned earlier. In this case there are three. There are also others which include ten puzzles in the overall package. What I like about these is there is a puzzle you could work on with anyone; from your children or grandchildren with the 100-piece puzzle, to the 500-piece puzzle most adults would enjoy putting together. All three of these are fantastic paintings and would be wonderful to view as a finished puzzle. Great color on all of them.

Thomas Kinkade Puzzles

Thomas Kinkade Puzzles Based Upon His Paintings

This is one of those topics I could go on and on with and show you tons of photos of paintings by Thomas Kinkade that have been put into puzzle form. But you get the idea. There are representations of dozens of Kinkade's works made into puzzles, with something for everyone who enjoy his work. As far as puzzles, if you've ever put puzzles in frames before once you've completed them, you know how great these ones would look on your walls.


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