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What To Do With Your Old Door

Updated on February 11, 2015

Upcycle Your Door

Have you ever looked at an old door then thought that you could make something with that old thing. It is laying against outside the garage since forever.

Doors don't stand up by themselves. You will need to get something to keep the door standing. A large wind could still knock it over.

Building something like a swing set will take cement to keep it down in the ground. And, building a small tree house the parts will have to be tied to a tree.

Here are some things to do with that door:

1. Swing set - you will need more than one door, more wood, something to put the swing up with and the swing

2. Table - you will need table legs. Pre-drill the holes first before you put the legs in the table.

3. Fake or real door in haunted house. Watch on a security camera as hundreds of people use the wrong door.

4. Part of a tree house. If the door is old, use new wood for the base.

5. Book shelf

6. You could put it in an archway. I am talking about the top of the arch.

7. Use it in your play.

8. Extra wood to replace problems on your deck

9. Fake entrance or exit to bathroom. Prank your friends.

10. Bed

11. For sliding. You might get hurt with this one.

12. Bench

13. Plant Crawler

14. Shed

15. Room divider

16. Creepy entrance to your garden. Have you always wanted a secret garden of your own? Well, here is your chance.

17. Book shelf

18. Float on- like the the Titanic movie

image: DChance

What You Should Not Do With Doors

Door should not be put in a fire in your fire place. Please, do not do that because your house may burn down. Or, at the very least your home will be full of smoke. Why? Their are chemicals on the door that do not burn well.

For the projects listed above, you may need more than one door. Some projects you create may have to be alright with the others in your neighborhood. Make sure you are up to code.

It is fine to prank your friends but make sure they don't have digestive problems.

image: DChance

Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn't know you left open.

John Barrymore

I Saw This On A Disney Movie

I love this song. "Love is an open door." It is from the movie, Frozen.

You can put this slogan on the top of your door in stencil letters on your secret garden entrance.

Love this song.

However, Katharine Hepburn might be right when she said, "Sometimes I wonder if men and women really suit each other. Perhaps they should live next door and just visit now and then."

This two in the movie didn't know each other at all... and they want to get married. What?

The moral of the story is never get married in Las Vagas, Nevada, this could happen to you.

I know they are not in Las Vegas but this seems like something that would happen after, a long night of playing the slots and drinking.

So, remember drink in moderation people.

This live action singing is awesome!

Kisses to the hand get me all a flutter. I think, I will have to open a door to step outside and twirl. Disney is so uplifting.

Watch, The Secret Garden, movie. I loved it. I always wanted a door to my secret garden.

This story makes me want to build a garden of my own.

I love this song. Wow. You can play this when you have your wedding under an arch. Very cool.

Door Mat

If you door still works, this mats will welcome people into the home. Welcome, is a great greeting word.

Keep dirt out of your home. This works most of the time.

Put you boots and shoes on this in your home to keep your rugs cleaner. Heavy traffic will still hurt your carpet. It is important to clean and vacuum your rugs.

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What ways can you use an old door?

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    • georgepmoola2 profile image


      4 years ago

      A cornucopia of door-related stuff.


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