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Yarn & Pattern Stash Solutions To Safeguard Your Investments!

Updated on February 25, 2015
SheilaSchnauzies profile image

SheilaSchnauzies is a Miniature Schnauzer rescuer, writer, crochet designer, gardener, crafter, wife, mom & friend living in Omaha, NE.

Pests Love Your Yarn & Patterns As Much As You Do!

Having crocheted for over 45 years, I have a lifetime "stash" of yarn, crochet thread, and my collection of crochet patterns. I've always tried to safeguard them as best I can, but recently I slacked off a bit. We moved to a new home about four years ago. At the time, I was awaiting badly needed hip and knee replacements, so unpacking was difficult to say the least. My yarn, thread and patterns were on my "must unpack immediately" list, of course! Well, I did unpack them and stored them in my attic in large metal cabinets. So far, so good.

But as things tend to happen, in the past four years I've purchased a lot more yarn and thread, and made hundreds of new items. As a result, the new yarn began to get stored in the large tote bags I love to pick up at JoAnn when I'm there. When I take a bag back up to the attic, I loosely lover the top with a towel to keep the dust out. Big mistake!

Last week, to my horror, I went to dig into a tote bag of yarn in the attic and discovered a MOUSE had been enjoying my yarn! I freaked. Nobody wants to use yarn that a mouse has used for a restroom! (I'm sorry, I know it's gross!)

We've been going through a heat wave here in Omaha, but the minute cooler weather gets here, I have a monster of a project to work on in the attic. I have to reorganize all my remaining yarn and thread and store them in airtight (and mouseproof!) containers.

I'm going to be shopping right along with you as I search for the best possible containers for me to use. Hopefully these suggestions will allow you to store your yarn and patterns to protect them from pests, water damage, contamination by other items that spill, or whatever else Mother Nature decides to do.

Yarn Storage Ideas From Amazon... - My Hand Picks!

Snapware Yarn Tainer Storage Container, Large
Snapware Yarn Tainer Storage Container, Large

A very nice storage container for your yarn!


You Say... - Come On, You Can Tell Us!

Ziploc Flexible Tote, Jumbo, 1 Count
Ziploc Flexible Tote, Jumbo, 1 Count

If you're looking to store a large quantity of yarn, here's the most inexpensive product I have ever found to protect it! This is what I will be using for the vast majority of my own yarn stash when I reorganize it.


What Are Your Thoughts On Your Yarn Stash?

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Yarn Storage Ideas From YouTube!

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