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101 Things I hate about driving

Updated on February 22, 2016

Today I had to drive to the next town to run some errands, in this time I experienced many things that annoy me when driving, I'm not quite sure I'll get to 100 but here goes.

1. Driving behind someone who is going way below the speed limit
2. The above happening when your in already running late
3. That driver that slows down when you speed up and speeds up when you slow down.
4. That driver that drives really slow until you reach an overtaking lane than decides to go the speed limit if not faster
5. That driver that stays in the right hand lane without the intention of overtaking
6. When you've overtaken someone and they speed up just to overtake you.
7. That driver that repeatedly does the above just for the sake of it
8. The driver that slows down to a rediculous speed just because there is a cop waiting beside the road
9. Or the driver that does the above when ever they see a speed camera - even if it's just a average speed camera
10. The reckless driver that overtakes several cars during double lines
11. Or when there's cars coming there way
12. The driver that puts their blinker on 5km before their turn
13. Or put it on just as they are turning
14. Or don't turn it on at all
15. The driver that has their blink on to turn right at the T-Section but keeps going straight
16. Or does the opposite and turn right when you were waiting for them to pass by
17. The driver that doesn't understand when it's their right of away at a giveaway sign
18. The person that doesn't notice giveaway and stop signs and goes straight through them
19. The driver that waits at an intersection but decides to pull onto the road just as you 10m away.
20. Or the same thing but at a roundabout
21. The driver that doesn't have a clue where they are going and therefore drives really slow
22. Or slows down at every turn, thinking that's their stop.
23. The driver that crosses the lines through roundabouts
24. Or when they are turning nearly cutting you off
25. The driver that takes forever to park
26. The driver that pulls over in front of a parking area, cutting off any of those cars from driving off
27. The driver that beeps their horn because you haven't started driving when the green light literally just turned on
28. Or the driver that is at the front of the line and is playing on their phone when the lights turn green
29. The driver that drives extremely slow through a set of lights
30. Especially when those set of lights change very quickly
31. The driver that starts breaking way before a set of lights are due to turn red
32. The driver that is already driving slow but slows down even more to make a turn
33. The driver that is sitting in an idling car while someone else is waiting to take their spot
34. When a drivers parks rediculously, cutting off another perfect spot
35. Especially when that driver leaves and makes you like the idiot
36. The drivers that sit very close behind you
37. The drivers that insist on overtaking you despite the fact you are both going the same speed limit
38. When cops expect you to drive the limit but are speeding in front of you
39. Drivers that don't pull over when an emergency services has their sirens and lights going
41. The driver that text and calls while driving
42. The fact that you have to concentrate fully on the road and the car when your thinking of a hundred more things you could be doing
43. The lack of phone and Internet service whilst on the road
44. Tiredness
45. The inability to eat or drink whilst driving

Okay so I couldn't quite make it to 100, but I'm sure you understand what I'm saying and if you have any pet peeves when it comes to driving list them in the comments.

To look at the bright side of life, there is a few things I do like about driving and those are; I can listen to my music, I can sing to my music without having to worry about sounding awful (unless you've got company) and for some unknown reason driving is when most of my thoughts and ideas come to me - too bad I usually forget what million dollar idea I was thinking as soon as I've parked the car.


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