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2010 Nissan Titan Review

Updated on February 16, 2011

Despite a number of rave reviews among consumers that have purchased the 2010 Nissan Titan, many car experts remain somewhat less than impressed. When the Nissan Titan was first introduced, it added something new and exciting to the light-duty truck market, but without any enviable upgrades to the Titan in the last couple of years, competition between the Nissan Titan and other comparable trucks on the market is dwindling. The 2010 Nisan Titan offers a more spacious interior and a more comfortable ride than that of other full-size pickup trucks, but in terms of power and performance, Ford, Dodge, and Chevy trucks outperform the Nissan Titan in just about every class.

2010 Nissan Titan
2010 Nissan Titan

Since the Nissan Titan was introduced, many competitors have upgraded the comfort and spaciousness of their cabins, even adding Mega Cabs to the existing crew cab and club cab models for more back seat leg room. While the cab style may have been an advantage of the Nissan Titan in previous years, the limited cab style options and drivetrain selection are now a considerable disadvantage for the 2010 model. In short, Nissan has got to come up with something bolder if it hopes to continue competing with leading U.S. truck manufacturers like Ford and Chevy.

Still, the Nissan Titan is a good truck overall, and in terms of price, the Titan is still fairly competitive with most light-duty trucks on the market. Fuel economy is about what you would expect to see with most trucks of the same size and class, achieving a mere 18 mpg on the highway and approximately 12 mpg in the city. Many standard models of the 2010 Nissan Titan can be purchased for less than $30,000, which is still a considerable bargain for most truck owners. 

Available trim packages for the king cab models include the XE, the SE, and the PRO-4X. The LE trim package is also available for crew cab models. About the only changes in the 2010 model of the Nissan Titan are added safety features such as stability control and side-curtain airbags that come standard on all models. While the 2010 Nissan Titan can be an attractive alternative to many traditional light-duty pickups on the market and still tow like some of the big dogs, it often falls short of the mark in terms of power and performance. Later editions of the Nissan Titan may introduce significant improvements that could help Nissan stake its claim in the pickup truck market, but for now, Ford, Chevy, and Dodge continue to dominate this arena for good reason.


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