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A Closer Look At 5 Amazing Electric Vehicles

Updated on February 28, 2010
Tesla Roadster
Tesla Roadster
Nissan LEAF
Nissan LEAF
Honda 3RC
Honda 3RC
Antro Solo
Antro Solo
Yves Behar hackable car
Yves Behar hackable car

Electric vehicles didn't take off the first time that their use was explored. However, they're starting to gain some traction now. There are quite a few different designs to choose from. Plus there are many new cars coming out all of the time that take some of the best things about cutting edge car design and add an electric vehicle component to make the cars as forward-thinking as possible. It might be a little while before a majority of drivers are on board with this new technology but that doesn't mean that it's rare. Electric car owners are increasing in number by the day.

Let's take a closer look at five electric cars that have made headlines lately to see just why these vehicles are so interesting:

1. Tesla. This electric vehicle brand is one of the most interesting ones that we've seen so far. The thing about the Tesla Roadster and the Roadster Sport (the two cars the company currently puts out) is that these are high-end sports cars. They drive fast and they can be driven hard. They're stylish; men in particular tend to be fans of them. That's just not something that you would expect to see when you are looking at electric vehicles. The fact that this company thinks outside of the traditional box, creating electric vehicles that aren't just for green-minded families but also for eco-conscious speed demons, makes this a really interesting company to consider when looking at electric vehicles.

The truth is, of course, that these cars are expensive. The average person can't afford this type of electric vehicle. However, there are two things going on with this company that will make it more accessible to other people. First of all, they're releasing a new sedan next year that's not nearly as cool but still a nice car and much more affordable. And secondly, they're beginning to offer the option of leasing their electric vehicles rather than buying them outright. This is a cool idea because it allows you to not only get the chance to use one of these expensive cars but also to test out electric vehicles in general before committing to buying one for good.

2. Nissan LEAF. This electric vehicle is, in some ways, the opposite of the Tesla Roadster. It's not designed to appeal to a niche group of people but rather to the average driver. It's capable of going approximately 100 miles before it needs to be charged which should meet the every day driving needs of most people. It is an average- looking car that reminds most people of the most popular hybrid electric cars on the market (such as the Prius). The fact that it appeals to the average driver makes it well-poised to take off in the market when it's released at the end of the year. This vehicle is going to have a more affordable price tag; somewhere less than $33,000 is what people are saying although official prices won't be released until April. It's a highway-ready vehicle, meaning that it is capable of going at highway speed, which is something that people are looking for in modern electric vehicles (and something that wasn't true of a lot of electric vehicles in the past). Notably, however, it is unclear from reports at this time whether the vehicle will actually perform well on freeways. It’s something that we’ll need to wait to find out as time goes on.

3. Honda 3RC. This one is just a concept car right now but it presents an interesting electric vehicle design. It’s a single-seater vehicle that has two wheels in front and one wheel in back, a design that is very similar to another electric vehicle: The Aptera. This unique design makes the vehicle look a lot like an enclosed motorcycle, a style of automobile that could certainly be appealing to a niche group of people. Of course, what most folks love about motorcycles is the fact that they’re open to the elements, but there is something fun about driving such a compact car. The person that this vehicle really appeals to, however, is the urban driver. Someone who has to commute to and from work in a car but who hates dealing with parking in a big city may find it easier to park a small vehicle like this one. Some people say that there is going to be a trend for electric vehicles to get smaller and smaller for precisely this reason.

4. Antro Solar-Electric Car. This is a new concept car as well and one that points to another potential turn in electric vehicle design that we might see in the future. There are two interesting things to note about this vehicle. The first is that it includes solar power which is incorporated with electric power in a neat form of technology that makes a lot of sense. And second, it’s a car with modular parts which means that you can take it apart and put it back together in different ways; in fact, you could turn it into one large car or two separate small cars because of this unique design. This is something that would be very interesting to see more of with car design in the future, wouldn’t it?

5. Yves Behar Hackable Solar Electric Car. This concept car is very similar to the Antro vehicle which points to the fact that it’s a design that could end up in the market. It, too, is modular (or as Behar calls it, hackable). What’s cool about this one is that its parts are interchangeable so it will be easy for owners to order new parts as needed. That’s something efficient that car owners would surely like! You could customize the vehicle’s shape, personalizing it to suit your needs and mood. The base of the car is electric but there are solar panels on the roof to harness the energy of the sun. This solar-electric combo is one that should definitely take off in the market as the technology is further developed.


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  • strkngfang profile image

    strkngfang 5 years ago

    Nice enjoyable hub. It's funny how the Chevy Volt wasn't included. I may be wrong but I still consider it a hybrid because it needs its gas engine. It might just be used to sustain the battery, unless you want to spend 40K to go less than 50mi? I love the Tesla, by far the coolest of the EV's but you are right it may as well be a Lamborghini because most can't afford one? I hope the industry can produce an affordable and practical EV because they are not there yet.

  • lime light power profile image

    lime light power 6 years ago from NY NY

    Really loving your "green" hubs. Good writing which makes for good reading.

    Since this one happens to be on EVs I thought I might post a link to one of my hubs that supports a great EV Charging not for profit program.

  • profile image

    hybrid trucks 7 years ago

    Environmental issues are not the only reason that has made the public favor electric cars. Rising gas prices is also one of the major reasons why people prefer electric vehicle than conventional ones.

  • Katrina Ariel profile image

    Katrina Ariel 7 years ago from The Highlands of British Columbia, Canada

    Cool! I love that car manufacturers are getting more into electric cars. Now we just need super clean sources of energy all around to charge them up. Great hub!