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Advantages and Disadvantages of buying Used Cars

Updated on April 21, 2015
Disadvantages and advantages of buying used cars.
Disadvantages and advantages of buying used cars. | Source

There are many used or second hand cars that are used all over the world. These used cars have their advantages and disadvantages. Some people may argue that there is nothing good with fairly used cars but there few good things about them.

Car is an evidence of technological advancement that is being experienced all over the world. In fact, the invention of the first real car by a great German, Karl Benz, in 1886 called Benz Patent-Motorwagen, is an evidence of the importance of science and technology. Though this is great, in the argument between the technophiles and the technophobes, the technophobes believe that such development has caused harm to the society.

Though there are advantages of used or second hand cars, they have many disadvantages associated with them. It is because of the disadvantages associated with such cars that made some governments of many countries to ban their importations in their countries. In as much of the prohibition, some businessmen in such countries find ways to smuggle in such cars. In the subsequent sub headings, to be discussed are the advantages and disadvantages of using/buying second hand cars.

Advantages of buying Used Cars

Fairly used, second hand, or used cars have many advantages. The advantages of second hand cars are:

  • Cheap price;
  • Cheap insurance cost; and
  • Low registration fees.

Cheap Price

The cost of buying first class car is not the same with that of buying second hand cars. New cars are sold at higher prices than the second hand ones. Because of this high cost of purchase, those who cannot afford for new cars simply cut their coats according to the availability of the materials they have. Instead of using the money they have for other expenses to purchase new ones, they are constrained to go for the used ones.

In Africa for instance, there are many used cars that are being imported from United States, Germany and other parts of the world to the continent. It is not as if Africans do not like new branded cars, but all centres on the fact that many do not have the money to make purchase of the new ones. They go for these categories of cars because they are sold at cheap price.

Cheap insurance cost

The cost of insuring a brand new car is not the same when you are insuring used car. The insurance companies charge little than when the car is new for a number of reasons. Among the reasons is because the car has little life spam since it has been used by someone else.

Come to think of it, even if you are the manager of an insurance company and a car owner wants to insure the used car he bought, will you charge him more or less? Out of pity, you will charge him less because it was not good for him and he went and bought second hand car. He bought the car already used by someone else because there is no money for the new one.

Low Registration Fees

In most developed countries of the world, car registration is compulsory for any who buy new car(s). It is believed that since you have the money to purchase the car(s), you will also have the money for their registration.

But, the cost of registering new cars is not the same with that of registering used cars. If a car owner wants to register brand new car, he is charged higher than the person who wants to register his second hand car. That who registers second hand car is on higher advantage to the person that registers the new one. This is to show that low registration fee is one of the advantages and reasons for buying used cars.

The disadvantages of buying used cars. An illustration on the adverse effects of buying second hand cars.
The disadvantages of buying used cars. An illustration on the adverse effects of buying second hand cars. | Source

Disadvantages of Buying Used Cars

Men rush into markets buying used cars without understanding that there is possibility of spending money that is up to the cost of purchasing the new one in the subsequent time. Some have become very angry after buying second hand cars why others kept blaming those whom they bought the cars from. The truth is that sellers of already used cars do not usually tell their buyers all the faults in the second hand cars they want to buy. Some feel very happy after they bought their cars but with time its either it develops fault from the “leg “or from the “hand”. The car suffers from “teeth problem” today and tomorrow “headache and chest pain”. Hence, the disadvantages of buying used cars are:

  • High maintenance cost;
  • Absent of Modern technological designs;
  • No warranty; and
  • Accident-prone.

High Maintenance

It is not all about buying cars at cheaper prices but about what comes after it. Some who want to belong to the group of people that have cars and went and buy used one cannot finish their story on the challenges they have been experiencing from them. Some before handling their second hand cars pray to God for them to drive and come back safely because of the consequences of buying already used cars. Before some drive out, they usually eat very well because they came to understood that the steering wheel of their already used cars demands high energy before it can operate.

Used cars are difficult to maintain. Some bought their second hand cars and park them in mechanic shops where they stayed for not less than three months as they are under repair. If the mechanic technician finishes painting of the car body, tomorrow it develops a fault from the engine. After repairing or changing of the engine, the owner feels happy that the car is now in order. After two months of the engine repair, another problem that comes is head lamp fault. This is how the one that buys the used car continues to maintain it from one part to another until he or she becomes tired and fed-up.

Absent of Modern Technological Designs

The newly manufacture cars that are being sold in the market have additional and excellent features which are absent in the old cars. The owner of a new car enjoys air-conditioned atmosphere inside his car because it is new while the one that manages used car sweats like “Christmas goat” whenever he enters and drives his own car. Cars are cars but there are levels of cars.

The absent of these important features is a serious disadvantage of buying used cars. It is hard to see second hand cars in the market with new body design like those who are new. As days go on, automobile engineers continue to improve on the components of cars including the body design. The body design of cars manufactured in 1992 is not the same with 2013 model. There is dynamism in the features of cars we see in various markets today and these are lacking in already used cars.

No warranty

It is only new cars that come with warranty. If there will be any second hand car that will come with warranty, it is not yet in existence in the present world we are living in. In a nutshell, no used car comes with warranty or have you seen any? For the fact that used cars are not covered by warranty, it becomes a serious disadvantage.

Warranty covers products bought from the manufacturers or wholesalers. Any product that is covered by warranty can be repaired when it develops fault. The company that manufactured the product repairs the product so far the fault is not from the customer that purchased.

Used cars are accident prone due to the weakness of some of their parts.
Used cars are accident prone due to the weakness of some of their parts. | Source

Accident Prone

Used cars are prone to accidents. How are second hand cars prone to accident? They are prone to accidents because nobody can exactly tell the health standard of the cars before their first user decided to sell them out.

The second hand user may be driving on the way without knowing that his car break and other auxiliaries have developed fault because of their weak state. All of a sudden, the user may have accident and die. This is one of the principal disadvantages of buying used cars from the sellers. Many car users have gone on road accidents because they were handling second hand cars.


Used car is used car and brand new is brand new. A man that does not have new car to call his own should make effort to save enough cash to buy a brand new car. Whether fairly used or used, used is used. For the fact that the word “used” is found in the two, they are used cars. The author of this piece, Uzochukwu Mike, detailed out the advantages and disadvantages of buying used cars.

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    • peachpurple profile image


      4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      i agree that used cars have more maintenance to pay than new cars

    • Uzochukwu Mike profile imageAUTHOR

      Okwuagbala Uzochukwu Mike P 

      4 years ago from Oba

      Thanks. That is why it is good to go for new cars. They serve longer.

    • ezzly profile image


      4 years ago

      I like your photo board very nice ! My parents have had endless trouble with their used car very useful article for weighing up advantages and disadvantages of a used car !

    • ezzly profile image


      4 years ago

      I like your photo board very nice ! My parents have had endless trouble with their used car very useful article for weighing up advantages and disadvantages of a used car !


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