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Car Maintenance and Driving Tips

Updated on March 14, 2011

I have been writing for a few months now and some of the hubs are on cars and car maintenance and tips and my own personal experience dealing with and on maintaining cars and road and car behavior pending on yearly season.

I will always be writing on cars and the “how to” on cars and what to do if the car breaks down and so on. As I write, I´ll be adding on more relevant and important related car information on this hub as I go along. The diverse information gathered here will help anyone that wants to save some money driving or doing their own car maintenance to what to do if your car breaks down in the winter.

Read the titles and summary text below and follow the information you require.

Dealing with Car Trouble on the Road

Basic overall steps on what to do when your car breaks down.

Do regular maintenance on your car
Do regular maintenance on your car

Driving in Cold Weather

Basic steps and preparation tips before winter and what to do when your car breaks down in that season.

Driving in Hot Weather

Basic steps and car preparation tips before summer and what to do when your car breaks down in that season.

Smart Car Maintenance

Basic steps on overall car and engine maintenance and tips.

Money Saving Car Maintenance Tips

Basic steps on car and engine maintenance as well but with tips that can save you money and that I’m sure you have never given any consideration.

How to Inspect a Used Car You Want to Buy

Title says it all. Great tips here on where to look for problems to avoid getting that unwanted lemon.

Do it yourself books

Classic Car Financing

Probably it’s uncalled for here, but I’m sure some of you have already thought about getting a classic for a bit of fun.


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    • jamesrenrut profile image

      jamesrenrut 6 years ago from 4452 Eagles Nest Drive Truckee, CA 95734

      Car repair and maintenance are very important. This things should be consider so that you will not get stranded on the road alone with your need-maintenance-car.

    • profile image

      Shannon Paulk 7 years ago

      Nice hub. We are moving into summer driving season, so it's a good idea to prepare the car for that. You don't want to be stranded on the side of the road in the sizzling heat.