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Car Port- Car Canopy option

Updated on February 2, 2013

A car canopy is a light weight, versatile product. Consisting primarily of a metal frame, poly cover material, and anchors, it is used for everything from a semi permanent parking place to a portable option for sheltering yard sale booths, lemonade stands, wadding pools, and small outside gatherings.

Carports of all types exist today, the main challenge is finding the one that meets your needs and accommodates the volume you wish to cover. Metal carports can be of the commercial grade and cover some 500 plus cars at one time. Wooden carports tend to be either constructed in the by DIY homeowners or by general contractors who build them onto the home and extend the same roofing and trim onto the carport, resulting in an integral part of the home.

Portable Carports poly material

The portable carports are mainly made from the material known as polyethylene. Poly, for short, is a chemically heat bonded substance that was discovered over 100 years ago. With research and development it has been simulated into use for everything from plastic bags to poly covers for carports.

Poly has a special ripstop weave the reduces the chance of tearing and puncturing. Treated with anti aging agents, it stays looking newer longer. Also the UV treatment reduces the damage to the material itself from the sun. 100% waterproof, means no water reaching whatever is being covered.

Car Canopy carport option

Car canopy
Car canopy

Car Canopy frames

The poly car port frames are made from 1 3/8th inch steel. Powered coated for longer life, it is available in both gray and white. Smaller 10x20 carport kits have six to eight legs. Larger designs have more accordingly.


Carport four sided
Carport four sided

Poly Carport Kits design

Car canopy designs range from a simple roof to multi sided. A single roof is acceptable when only trying to keep the sun and a little weather from touching the vehicle. But with wind and rain together, have some sides are a good idea. Carports traditionally have two sides, but three sides does provide more shelter. Some poly carport designs have a fourth zippered side. Additionally some models can be found with two zippered ends. This makes it simple to drive through. Also if it is being used as storage, a second zippered side can make for easy access what is stored.

Very light weight, this type of shelter is seen many times at private BBQs, yard sales, and even at weddings. Carports have many uses and rise to the occassion, whether as a permanent part of your home's exterior, or for a weekend activity.

Whatever your choice, feel free to visit Carport for more information or the Hub Carports for other carport types.

Thanks for reading! Sue


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