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Outdoor Chandelier Lighting Ideas

Updated on July 10, 2014

Outdoor Chandeliers- making memorable evenings

Ranging in style from rustic to modern, and one light to 15 or more, these forms of outside illumination have grown in popularity. Until recently when we were involved with the construction of a large covered porch that lead out onto a deck, I had never even considered this type of lighting.

We have all seen an endless parade of flush mount porch lights, outside lights next to a door, or pathway lighting. But when our customer came to the job site with a lovely light in tow, she sparked my interest. With our personal residence also doubling as a model home for our construction business, I am always on the look out for new ideas to complement our display home.

So this treasure box, almost the size of this colorful homeowner herself, had captured my interest. After wrestling it from her suv and transporting it to the house, we found a truly lovely light nestled inside its Styrofoam packing. So this was the outdoor chandelier I had heard so much about.

Kichler light

Kichler Lighting

From this beginning we started to explore more of these lights. Kichler is a very popular name, among others. I am really very impressed with the Kichler Garden Collection. With seven different styles of exterior lights, they don't just stop with one outside light. They have a whole collection for each one of their styles. From Almeria Collection (my personal favorite) to a much more modern Zen Garden Collection, just about each of these groups have five or more different lights.

Outdoor Lighting Safety

Outdoor lighting also brings more responsibility. One responsibly of the homeowner is to not substitute and interior rated light fixture for an exterior one. Exterior chandeliers should be:

UL approved for wet/damp outdoor locations.

Also they should have a rubber coated switch.

Sealed circuitry to seal out moisture, and

Feature a heavy outdoor cord with grounded plug.

Additional features that are advisable would include:

If a chandelier for outside has fabric type shades, the shades should be made of weather resistant material.

Additionally, when a chandelier is exposed to more weather, i.e. in a shallow outdoor entry, choosing one with weatherproof glass shades is wise.

Outdoor Chandelier Locations

Outdoor chandeliers can be used in a variety of places. These lights can be used in many locations including, porches, decks, gazebos, and sunrooms. I even saw one hanging in a tree at a reception. For more information on chandeliers in sunrooms go over to my hub

Over a table it is nice to have a down light included in the fixture composition. In a gazebo a “taller” chandelier can be utilized with the usual higher pitch roof that a gazebo lends. A sunroom is a nice place to add an outdoor chandelier due to the extra moisture. When a hot tub or extensive plants are present the added humidity can at times shorten the life of an indoor chandelier.

But all in all the best choice of exterior light is the one that matches you home’s exterior design and also helps those long quiet evenings last a little longer.

For more information and ideas on these lovely homes feel free to visit us on line at Outdoor Chandelier Light .


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    • profile image

      Thomas 7 years ago

      I love chandeliers. I find them very captivating with the delicate designs especially when they are lighted up. Outdoor chandeliers are great to brighten up the atmosphere.

      Thomas of

    • premierelighting profile image

      premierelighting 8 years ago

      Chandeliers, always been a great passion of mine. Great lens rated it 5 stars.