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CarFax The Marketing of a Brand

Updated on May 12, 2010

CarFax has done a great job indoctrinating consumers into thinking that car dealers are under some kind of obligation to provide a CarFax.

Dealers do not have to solicit the CarFax service, it is totally at their discretion, This does not mean the customer has no right to receive a CarFax it is just saying the dealer does not have to pay for it. There is nothing stopping a consumer from purchasing their own CarFax.

If a fast food restaurant advertised that used car dealers should buy you a combo meal every time you purchase a vehicle do you think that obligates the dealer to follow through on another companies advertising campaign.

If you want to make sure you are purchasing a quality used car then bring it to a mechanic that you trust. If the dealer has a problem allowing you to have the vehicle inspected by your mechanic prior to sale do not walk away RUN!!!!!

Another thing to consider is if the dealer is willing to give you a CarFax and pay for your inspection sticker among other so called freebies that dealer is probably charging you a documentary fee on top of the price of your used vehicle.

If you would like to solicit the CarFax service you can find it here>>

The Report

A CarFax will not give a completely accurate history on a vehicle. Knowing that the car was involved in an accident does not tell you what part of the vehicle was damaged. Nor does it tell you how well any repairs were performed after the collision. If the vehicle only received scratches it would really not have any impact on the future reliability of the vehicle.

If an officer writes an accident report and places the vehicles vin number on the report CarFax will pick up on this yet it will not tell you the extent of the damage. This is why it is priceless to have a vehicle inspected by a knowledgeable mechanic and/or body man to tell you what a vehicle has been through. They will tell you if their is frame damage or even if the vehicle simply has a lot of worn out parts which the CarFax will not tell you.

The fact that CarFax has pushed the burden of responsibility on the used car dealer to pay for the product still does not justify the cost. It will lull the consumer into falsely believing a vehicle is trustworthy simply based on a piece of paper.  Not knowing if a previous customer drove the thing into a lake, had it pulled out and repaired without ever callling the police or filing a claim with their insurance.  In this instance the CarFax will not tell you the vehicle was submerged.

Just to sum up in my opinion the advice of a qualified mechanic is worth much more than any thirty dollar piece of paper.


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