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Cheap Van Rental

Updated on September 26, 2015

Renting a van is not like renting a car. You have to do some extra homework before renting the one. The first thing you need to consider is the purpose of renting it. Once the purpose of rental is clear, then you can easily hire the one for you. There are different types of vans available to meet your needs.

Cheap Van Rental
Cheap Van Rental | Source

Types of Vans available for Rental

  • Cargo Vans

Cargo vans are used to pick up and deliver shipments. They are very efficient and cost effective for businesses because there is huge storage space in the van and goods can be delivered safely. Even there are cargo barriers to prevent fragile goods from sudden stops.

  • Passenger Vans

If a large group of people need transportation then they can hire a passenger van. It will be cost effective for them because they can contribute for fuel, taxes and rental charges. Everyone can travel together and there is no need to wait for those cars left behind because of heavy traffic.

  • Moving Vans

Those people who are relocation their home or office can use the service of moving vans rental. You just need to tell them your pick up and deliver location; rest will be done by the company. Even they provide you the assistance in packaging of your furniture and other things.

  • Catering Vans

If you are running a catering business, then proper transportation will be an important part of your business. You can hire a catering van for safe delivery of food.

  • Ice cream Vans

Ice cream vans are meant for the sales and delivery of ice cream. They are specifically designed with refrigeration system to keep the ice cream perfectly. Even you can keep other important tools in the van like cones, cups or bread.

  • Refrigerated Vans

Refrigerated vans are meant to deliver items on a specific temperature. There is a specific cooling unit equipped in these vans that makes them different from normal vans.

  • Wheelchair Vans

There are some vans specifically modified for the people who cannot travel without wheelchair. Being on wheelchair is not happening, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t travel from one place to another.

Types of Vans in Singapore

Procedure of Van Rental

Today, everything you can find online. Almost every business operates online and offline. You can check available van rental companies in your area via internet. Then, you have to check whether they have type of van you need. Finally, compare their deals and prices. Do not forget to check their feedbacks from earlier customers.

Advantages of Van Rental

  1. If you are traveling is a group, then you can travel together in a passenger van.
  2. Renting a van instead of renting multiple cars will be eco-friendly because less fuel will be used.
  3. Storage space as per your requirement. There are modified vans to fulfill the requirement of your needs.
  4. Wheelchair van allows handicap people to travel comfortably.

Before finalizing your deal, do ask your agent for the inclusion and exclusion from the rent. It will help you to avoid unwanted argument and charges later on.

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