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Flying Car Island: Page 7

Updated on April 11, 2012

Bodaway walked there and inside found a candle lit...

The woman with the firm cheek bones washed his hair and the rest of his body. The fumes from this undertaking overwhelmed the poor woman several times, as she coughed and sneezed and finally spit in an effort to purge herself of Bodaway's offensive nasally remnants, she staggered back from him occasionally, but also returned to him smiling.

Bodaway stepped out from the hot spring, all his muscles felt relaxed and his skin was wrinkly and pruned. His quiet and beautiful aid handed him a fuzzy green towel, the first warm and clean towel he had seen since the disaster. The man called Blue Manitou gestured to a glowing, cave like entrance. Bodaway walked there and inside found a candle lit, sort of spackled room with a bed, a rough carved desk, wooden chair and many lit candles. A pair of thick brown canvas pants, black shirt and black leather jacket hung over the wooden chair. Bodaway quickly donned the new clothes happy to be clean again.

He stepped outside the alcove to find Blue Manitou. He said, "I see you've decided to wear some of my clothes!"

Sheepishly Bodaway smirked, "Sorry, I thought you left them out for me."

"Ha, I did, I just wanted to watch your pale face turn red. Bodaway, about your vehicle, we would like to keep it. We could use it here at our farm. We could use it for far away encampments. There are still lots of starving villages as I'm sure you are aware. The fellow who helped take down your pursuers, said you thought of reaching for your weapon when they were trying to help you. Is that true?"

Bodaway mildly defended himself, "Well sort of true. I didn't actually reach for my knife, but I thought about it. Sort of instinct on a leash. How did he know that?"

"That was my brother Caldera, he has some sort of premonition, he's just observant I believe. Glad you changed your mind! We figured a friend of Nico would be a good soul."

Just then the sound of drums, strange flutes, didgeridoos and a bizarre singing string instrument chimed through the air. Blue Manitou said, "we're eating, time to feed the soul too. Come, let's go eat."

Bodaway replied, "Sounds great. Your musicians sound delightful, and I believe I smell bison cooking."

"You are correct and correct again."

The two men walked out into an open prairie where several bonfires were raging. A large group of men, women and children were eating and dancing to the pulsing sounds of this alien and somehow native music. A little boy rushed up to Bodaway and Blue Manitou and handed them what looked like a couple roasted burritos. Bodaway took a bite and the ecstasy of pinto beans and bison danced on his tasted buds. In euphoria he said, "You can have the flying car, but I need an alternative. Can I borrow one of your rocket packs? I owe some family and need to get them supplies."

Wiping spicy gravy from his mouth, Blue Manitou replied, "Of course it's yours, we'll get one fit for you."

The two men joined the soiree. Dancing in circles and laughing with strangers, Bodaway felt at home here, a feeling he hadn't felt for a very long time.

FLYING CAR ISLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All rights reserved. If you'd like to use this image message me, we'll do lunch.
All rights reserved. If you'd like to use this image message me, we'll do lunch. | Source

He doesn't even know how to shake his elbows

In his mind, while he flailed his arms and got warmer and cooler closer and farther away from the fire, Bodaway wondered about Blue Manitou's intentions for the vimana. Was it to be used as a military vehicle? Would he be marshaling the same people he was trying to help? It seemed futile to resist this group, and why do it anyway? They had shown him nothing but kindness and generosity.

A beat of unearthly syncopation bounced in the air. This reminded him of the old African and South American beats he enjoyed as a teenager. A blue and purple vapor filled the air, it's origin unknown, it's effect, even from the ambient air, was lucidly intoxicating.Bodaway felt a few elbows bump into his middle back. It was Blue Manitou and several other men and women. "This is your elbow blessing! These are my sons and daughters. One dark haired and buxom woman smiled coyly at Bodaway. I am his oldest daughter Kealoha."

"Ah!" He laughed, "Thank you for the elbow blessing. I feel better already!"

The heavy bearded man that Bodaway remembered had lifted him away after the battle over the ocean danced over to him, "Old Blue must really have taken a shine to you. Elbow blessings aren't for everyone!"

Blue replied, "This is Olmec, he will outfit you with a rocket pack and an extra balloon pack to carry your supplies."

"Splendid." Bodaway replied. "Now if you will pardon me, I've got a few other things to shake off!" With that he danced around awkwardly in bliss, bumping into people who were gently elbowing each other.

Blue, Olmec and Kealoha laughed and Olmec stated the obvious, "He doesn't even know how to shake his elbows. Primitive creature but he does enjoy dancing in his own strange manner." They all agreed as Bodaway shook his head wildly, dancing with a buffalo burrito and some hoppy ale spilling from a mug.

They caught the vapors!


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