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Foldable Snow Shovels Folding Collapsible Snow Shovel Scoops

Updated on August 17, 2014

Collapsible snow shovels are designed more to be used as an emergency snow shovel which fits in the trunk of a car, SUV or other vehicle or to be carried along with you in a backpack when you go skiing or to do some other winter activity.

As such, they are not designed in the same way as a non folding shovel and are most are not generally designed to clear a whole driveway or perform really heavy duty tasks as their handles are generally shorter and the blades not designed to scoop masses of powder all at once. There are exceptions, for example the excellent Sno Wovel folds up smaller for easy storage but it’s still not something you would ever term as a portable snow scoop just very easy to store at the end of the winter season.

Portable lightweight snow shovels are useful for a variety of purposes and come in a number of styles including those with telescopic retractable handles, some which dismantle completely, smaller portable mini shovels for carrying around in a backpack as well as in a variety of durable (and not so durable) materials like aluminium and plastic. Which you need depends on the purpose for which you would require a collapsible snow shovel in the first and helping you make that decision is what the rest of this article is about.

Gerber Gorge Folding Shovel [22-41578]
Gerber Gorge Folding Shovel [22-41578]

This portable light mini shovel weighs just 28 ounces and folds away to just 9.25 inches in length. Useful for hiking, camping, making trails when mountain biking or digging out a vehicle, this versatile mini shovel also include a hammer end for banging in tent spikes.


How To Buy The Best Foldable Snow Shovel To Suit Your Needs

Not all folding snow scoops are designed the same or created for the same purposes. Oh sure, they’re all designed for snow removal purposes but tej foldable style is designed to be smaller, lightweight and more compact than the typical style or more updated styles like the rolling snow shovel which is used for clearing paths and driveways.

Most people who opt for a small compact model do so because they need something to fit in the trunk of their car for emergency purposes or they need something portable enough to fit in a backpack whilst on the move during winter activities. If you live in an area which receives heavy falls then there is always the chance your car may end up surrounded by a few feet of dense powder and you will have to dig it out in order to use it. Portable snow shovels for cars are very useful in such situations and are something which everyone should have as part of their auto emergency kit along with warm blankets etc.

Used As Folding Car Emergency Snow Shovels

Every vehicle should have an emergency preparedness kit in the trunk for any eventuality. Snow is a hazard which is hard to avoid in some parts of the world and bad winter weather can strike anywhere even if your area is not used to seeing it. A car snow shovel for emergency use should always be part of your emergency kit in addition to things like blankets, matches, battery lamps etc.

For a car emergency kit you will want to consider the size of your trunk and how much space you are willing to allocate to everything. Even folding snow shovels can be quite large, especially the blade area itself which is usually a non-folding part. Compact snow shovels with a smaller footprint offer a great space saving opportunity and will take up little room but may not be as robust and can have smaller scoops. If you have the space then one with a wide blade is a better option as it will speed up the time spend clearing the powder away, which is always a benefit especially in freezing cold temperatures and even more so if it is still falling at the time.

Lifeline 4004 Aluminum Sport Utility, 3 Piece Collapsible Design, Perfect Snow Shovel for Car, Camping and Other Outdoor Activities, Red
Lifeline 4004 Aluminum Sport Utility, 3 Piece Collapsible Design, Perfect Snow Shovel for Car, Camping and Other Outdoor Activities, Red

This is made from durable and hardwearing aluminium in both the shaft and blade with a plastic handle to prevent freezing your hands off. It weighs around 1.3 pounds and extends up to 32 inches. Ideal accessory for car, truck, SUV or snowmobile.


Lightweight Portable Snow Shovels For Backpacking, Camping, Skiing and More

For backpacking or otherwise carrying a scoop on your person, you will want to opt for a small lightweight snow shovel which folds up to the most compact size you can find. You’ll already have enough stuff to lug around without adding a bulky snow clearing tool into the equation. These are ideal for quickly pull out and use should the need arise and their light style makes them very portable and easy to store.

The Importance Of Folding and Telescoping Handles

One of the important things to look for in any foldable snow shovel is the length of the handle as this is a very important aspect to consider. A shorter handle will mean you have to bend over further which is not only uncomfortable but can put unecessary strain on your back and your heart. Injury through shoveling pathways and driveway clearance is very common each year and it is usually in the form of slipped discs and torn muscles.

A longer handle will help eliminate some of these issues but not all collapsible models come with long handles as the ability to be easily storable is often seen as more of a priority. Those which have folding or telescopic handles often extend out to the length of a regular sized model and will allow you to extend or retract the telescopic handle to the length which suits you most.

Black Diamond Deploy 3 Ski Shovel
Black Diamond Deploy 3 Ski Shovel

This folding ski shovel is a vital safety requirement for skiing in the back country. Folds down to a fraction of its original size and deploys fast and easy when you need it.


Folding Snow Shovels For Home Use

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a folding snow shovel to keep at home and clear a driveway or path etc. then you can start to look at those designed to be folded down and stored inside a garage or shed. These are more heavy duty tools are made for the manual clearance of larger and deeper areas. Some of the best also offer telescoping handles or fold up in different ways which enables them to stowaway and save space in your shed or garage when no longer required.

Collapsible Snow Shovels Make A Great Gift Idea

If you are stuck for a gift for anyone who regularly travels in inclement weather then these make a perfect gift choice. They are ideal for people who like to travel up into the mountains to ski or snowboard in the winter months, or for backpacking and camping in the winter or just for use as part of an emergency kit for digging out your car.

One of these is a practical gift for a loved one which shows you care about their wellbeing. Many portable snow shovels for cars are small enough to fit in a backpack which makes them equally ideal for backpacking, hillwalking, and anyone else who is going to be travelling in winter weather.

Mallory 222-E  Telescopic Emergency Shovel with Foam Grip (Colors may vary)
Mallory 222-E Telescopic Emergency Shovel with Foam Grip (Colors may vary)

This folding plastic snow shovel is great to have in an emergency and comes at a cheap price for those who rarely need this kind of thing but would like to have one on hand just in case. Plastic shovels are not meant for heavy duty use or regular use but are a good back up just in case and this foldable plastic snow scoop does the job.



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    • Paolocruz profile image

      Paolo Cross 

      5 years ago from Philippines

      Nice hub about shovels. I bought one from ebay for the Winter.


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