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Harley Davidson Touring

Updated on September 8, 2010

Harley Davidson makes some beautiful motorcycles, and what they do best is touring.

For many years Harley Davidson have fallen behind the competition chasing performance figures and having to beat themselves as well as the competition every year. This however isn't a problem, as Harley Davidson motorcycles are not about the figures, they aren't about the mpg, the bhp/ton, the top speed.

They are about the spirit, the comfort, the style and the heritage. Because Harley Davidson don't have to concentrate on the paper figures, they can concentrate on the feel, and make a motorcycle that is brilliant for touring.

For touring you want a big engine, reasonable miles per gallon, a comfy seat, room for your motorcycle luggage and a nice soundtrack that if the Harley Davidson engine note doesn't work for you, you can always affix a motorcycle radio kit. You won't look silly with a whip antenna attached too like a Japanese sports bike would.

Why Harley Davidson for Touring?

There is a wide range of Harley Davidson motorcycles. Currently there are 34 offered new! That's an insane amount from any manufacturer in one country and does make choice a little difficult.

The first consideration is the price. The budget range offers a new sub $7000 Harley Davidson 883 to the $35000+ CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glibe which has more features than you could ever imagine! With the 2010 Street Glide Trike motorcycle sitting in the middle at just over $24000 if you feel the need for an extra wheel.

If you want a Harley then there really isn't a financial reason to not get one anymore.

The comfort, elegance and luggage capacity are industry standard and should please any long distance motorcycle tourer.

As for feel of riding? Well of course that is nailed too. Handling is sublime and the Harley Davidson touring motorcycle range do have a small turning circle. They are easy to handle and comfortable to boot, it is very easy to eat up the miles and hours on one. Engine power is more than efficient, if you want to cruise slowly or pick up the pace, it's there for you, doing both just as well.


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