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Harley Davidson Seats

Updated on September 7, 2010

This hub covers seats to use on your Harley Davidson motorcycle and other forms of seats with the Harley Davidson brand on such are bar stools, swivel seats and seat covers.

Motorcycle seats can be cumbersome things to fit, you will have to pay attention to the mountings specific to your Harley and be careful not to force anything - they are designed to fit so be patient with them, forcing a seat in can break any plastic mounting points and destroy the integrity of your new seat.

To increase the life of your seat, you should treat it will and keep a cover over your Harley Davidson when it is not in use, for more choice on this visit my motorcycle cover hub.

Harley Davidson Softail Seat

This fantastic seat is made for Harley Davidson softails, it is made by Mustang and weighs in at 18.6 pounds. Just 11 inches in width, 16 inches in height and 32 inches in length it makes for a comfy seat.

There is an option to fit a sissybar to this seat too (sold separately)

Harley Davidson Sundowner seat

Designed for the true long distance rider. This lightweight but X-Large seat is suitable for all providing a very comfy and stylish seat made by Sundowner.

The deep contoured position gives added support to prevent back injury and the wide passenger seat gives your pillion a much more comfortable ride too

Skwoosh Gel Seat Pad

This universal gel seat pad is a cheaper alternate to purchasing a new seat. Being universal you can take it with you between motorcycle changes too.

This lightweight and thin seat cover comes with security straps and folds up small and light for storage too. It does an excellent job of adsorbing vibrations and knocks your suspension may miss.

Sundowner Harley Davidson Dyna Deep Seat

This seat is designed for 04-05 Dyna models of Harley Davidson. It is a quality piece made by Sundowner and deep position helps back support. It is one of the most stylish seats for the price range and a best seller on

The back of the seat features wide positioning for your pillion passengers comfort

Harley Davidson Car Seat Cover + Mats

This 7 piece delight is great for getting a taste of Harley Davidson inside your car. It fits all regular bucket seat sizes and has the Harley Davidson emblem on each piece to give that matching feel through the entire set.

Easy to install, and easy to clean (machine washable covers) this makes a must for a Harley Davidson enthusiast who might just resent going in the car a bit less now!

Harley Davidson Bar Stool

Surely this quality bar stool will become a future Harley Davidson Collectible. The stool has been designed with 4 legs which have been chromed and vinyl seat cover which has the Harley Davidson shield over a black background.

Great for a old or contemporary kitchen, bar or games room.


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