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Harley Davidson Collectibles

Updated on August 29, 2010

Harley Davidson has been building motorcycles since 1903. With a huge following worldwide people can't get enough of their motorcycle and the lifestyle it helps bring. A lot of collectibles have been produced over the years in addition to the motorcycles themselves, such as Harley Davidson Watches, Zippo lighters, keychains, clothing, knifes, clocks and jewelry.


A popular collectible is an actual Harley Davidson model. These scaled down bikes look terrific on a desk or on top of a fire place and make a fantastic gift for a Harley enthusiast. They are usually in kit form. Some require glue and paint whilst others have everything included to put them together out of the box.

There are quite a few model kits available from classic favorites to more modern Harleys. The diecast metal ones tend to look better than the plastic ones and are painted beforehand, however they can be less fun (or frustrating =]) to put together.


Long day of riding? Need a cool beer? What better way to enjoy the evening that relaxing with a Harley Davidson glass filled with your favorite chilled drink.

There are a few limited options branded with the Harley Davidson motorcycles logo which look just as good on a shelf next to bottles of alcohol as much as it does on the table topped up.

Beer glasses are the most popular, but shot glasses are also available when you need to spice up a nights entertainment. Seeing a skull on them certainly sets the atmosphere for a good old drinking session.

In addition to glass that you drink out of, you can also get table lamps with a harley emblazed on the decor - great for that club bar look.


Knifes have almost endless uses and are probably the most versatile tool on the planet. There are many styles, designs and types and based upon different uses too.

There is a vast selection of knifes available with the Harley Davidson Emblem. The flames and skulls are the most common available, although this means other styles end up being more collectible in the long term and hold their value better. 

There is a limited edition collectors set available where the handle is shaped like a Harley petrol tank, these are best kept in their boxes to maintain their value and are not the best designs for practical use.


Many books become collectible and to get to high value status they usually have to come out of print. The better condition and the earlier the edition means the value is much higher. Books containing the story of Harley Davidson (origins, early models, landmark developments, etc) and historic landmarks (100 years/motorcycles of Harley Davidson) are the ones to have in your collection.

Individual models only hold their value if they end up as an all time best (either historically, sales achieved or technological / style innovations) and again are out of print on an older/classic model.


Sunglasses are another icon in Harley Davidson style. Due to the popularity of wearing a open face Harley Davidson helmet, sunglasses have always been a popular addition.

They are usually worn and so all the abrasion against wind and bugs wears them down and they are eventually thrown away. If you was to keep a set of Harley Davidson sunglasses in their original box, they may just become collectibles some day and worth far more than they cost new.

Black frames with black lenses are the classic look, however limited edition versions featuring different Harley emblems will age better providing they are well designed and elegant looking. Metal frames are more rare and will be worth a lot more in the future than their plastic counterparts.


A firestarter in your pocket is almost as useful as a knife! We all know lighters are used to light cigarettes and a small disposable one can be a pain to find at the bottom of your pocket and the same thing can be said about matches. 

Larger refillable lighters are the way to go and Zippo are the king of them, self igniting upon opening and extinguishing upon closing. They are the preferred choice for many companies to associate themselves with and Harley Davison are no different.

Many designs on the flat face are possible with the most popular to accompany the Harley logo being the classic bald eagle.

Get a nice one to your taste and keep it in good condition. Lighters tend to make better collectibles as part of a collection rather than a one off item.


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