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Heated Seat Cushion Choices

Updated on January 9, 2013

Heated Seat Cushions

Welcome to the Heated Seat Cushion Choices lens!

Here you'll find a great range of heated cushions that will help sooth and relieve back pain and aches.

With high density foam, that will support and comfort your body and and leave you feeling relaxed.

These cushions and pads are great for use in the home, office or in the car, so you can feel their soothing heat wherever you go!

Thermo Sensitive Memory Foam Seat Cushion

- High-density foam cushions the entire length of the back and neck.

- Elastic strapping system holds the seat in place.

- Versatile design fits all types of car seats and high-back chairs.

- Memory Foam CVC velour fabric.

- Care: Wipe down with a dry cloth.

Put NASA-invented technology to work for you with the Thermo Sensitive Memory Foam Seat Cushion. High-density foam cushioning lines the length of the back and up the neck, helping to relieve pressure and ease pressure points on your thighs, waist, back and neck. An elastic strapping system fits all types of car seats and high-back chairs, and it helps keep the seat in place all day long.

ValueRays® Chair Warmer, USB Heated Warm Chair Pad, Infrared Heat Chair Pad, Warm Office Chair Pad

USB Heated ValueRays® USB Chair Warmer is an infrared heated seat cushion - an USB heated chair cushion to help keep you warm while using the computer. It is a low, steady heat with a carbon fiber infrared heating element attached inside at the center of the chair pad. Do you or someone you know work in a cold office or work space? If so, try using ValueRays® infrared heated office products. ValueRays® uses a low voltage USB connection to deliver a steady, warm heat to you while sitting in your chair using the computer. The ValueRays® Chair Warmer is made of a soft velour cloth with ties at the back to secure it to your chair. The long USB cord is about 65" long and makes it easy to connect the heated seat cushion to just about any USB port on your computer. The heated chair cushion measures about 19" wide by 15" deep with a pad about 1" thick. The foam chair pad is covered with a soft velour fabric. The chair pad cover can be removed and hand washed/dried. When hand washing and cleaning the chair pad cover make sure it is completely dry prior to use. There's a large zipper on the back of the chair pad to remove the chair pad cover for cleaning. Do not wash the USB cord or the heating element located inside the ValueRays® Chair Warmer. The carbon fiber heating element is located inside the chair pad at the center of the seat's cushion. The heating element measures about 5" in diameter. Placing the heating element in the center of the cushion creates a comfortable warm place to sit. The warmth generated by the seat cushion is not hot. It is safe for people and the computer. The low-heat is distributed for a comfortable place to sit when warmth is needed in a cold office, work space or home office. The ValueRays® Chair Warmer gets warm, not hot. This is not a hot, heating pad. This is a soft, comfortable chair cushion providing a low level of warmth using the USB connection on your computer.

Homedics VC-150 Back Revitalizer Heated Massage Cushion and Mat

- Provides supreme comfort with quilted baffle box construction

- Provides soothing relief for your back

- Provides soothing infra red heat

- Provides an invigorating massage

- Portable for ease of use

Homedics VC-150 Back Revitalizer Heated Massage Cushion and Mat with massage and infra red heat. Black.

12-volt Heated Seat Cushion

- Features a high/low/off controller temperature control

- Simply plug into your vehicle's 12-volt DC outlet

- Straps and hooks secure the cushion to your seat

- Provides heat to your back and bottom while driving

- Measures 37 inches x 18 inches x 1 inch

12-volt heated seat cushion warms your back and bottom and is perfect for cold weather and winter driving. Soothing heat in your back and bottom helps to maintain your metabolism and to steady blood circulation. Soft, polyester fabric provides comfort and is easy to clean. Simply plug the 12 volt cigarette lighter adapter into any 12-volt outlet and the cushion warms up immediately. Temperature control switch can be set to either to high, low or off. Maintains temperature, Includes a power cord that is connected to the cushion

NEW Heated Seat cushion (Personal Care)

Brand Name: Wagan Corp.

Manufacturer Part Number: AAC4001-9738

Heated Seat cushion

Bench Warmer Portable Heated Seat Cushion

Heated Seat Cushion with Internal Battery No electric needed once the battery is charged. Just sit down and your seat warmer keeps your bottom warm and comfortable at work, hunting , fishing or watching sports indoors or outdoors. The Bench Warmer is a high tech heated seat cushion with a self-contained battery that charges on 110VAC. This is a green heated seat. Manufacturer recommends overnight charging prior to first use. You cannot overcharge the battery. Use Bench Warmer seat cushions in cars, unheated warehouses, hunting blinds, or anywhere bottoms get cold. Heating ability lasts 5 to 7 hours. Heated seat cushion fits all new stadium seats. The Benchwarmer is large enough not to slip through seat to the floor when you stand to cheer. Built-in rechargeable seat warmer batteries charge overnight (110VAC). Portable, lightweight, water resistant DuPont 1000 denier Cordura nylon. Use Bench Warmer heated seats / chair cushions for : Football Games Snowmobiles Flying Automobiles Boating Hunting Fishing and Ice Fishing Wheelchairs Bench Warmer Heated Seat Specifications: Handy Carrying Handle. Cover: Rugged DuPont Cordura fabric. Cushion Size: 15" wide x 16" long x 2" thick. Quality Foam: Years of comfort. Water Resistant. Note: never submerge or expose to prolonged moisture. Color: DARK GREEN. Other colors available: Black, navy blue and camouflage. Heats ONLY when using self-contained battery pack. Just connect the two plugs and heating begins. Heats for 5 to 7 hours. Heats to about 115 degrees. Full heating in 15 to 20 minutes. Best Performance: when sat on continuously by a human posterior. Uncovered cushions cool down. Internal Bench Warmer rechargeable batteries never need replacing. Included: Charging adapter with 6 foot cord. No batteries to change nor heating packs to buy. UL Listed Self contained NiCAD battery, 14.4 volts, 2.3 milliamps. Lightweight: 2.4 lb. Limited Lifetime Manufacturers

Mobile Heated Massage Cushion

The Mobile Heated Massage Cushion lets you enjoy soothing heat or a relaxing massage while you drive or work. Choose from five types of massage--pulsating, tapping, rolling, kneading or automatic--and four levels of intensity. Combine that with a heated lumbar area and you've got a truly remarkable cushion. With 12 volt or 120 volt adapters, it's perfect for auto, office or home. This cushion measures 24" x 14" x 1.5" and straps securely to most seats. In Black.

Dr. Scholl's DR8701Q Dual Car Seat Cushion Warmers

- Now you can relax during your commute

- Automatically turns on when somebody sits in the seat

- Product will plug in to your car lighter

- Heats and massages

- Two seat massagers to allow your passenger to relax as well

Dr. Scholl's DR8701Q Dual Car Seat Cushion Warmers has a massaging and heating feature to help you relax during your commute. When this product is plugged in, it is designed to turn on when someone sits on the cushion. This product plugs into your car lighter, so there is no need to buy batteries. There are two seat cushions, so your passenger can enjoy the commute as well.

Roadpro 12-volt Heated & Massaging Back Cushion Suede/Tan - Roadpro RP1241

Roadpro 12-volt Heated & Massaging Back Cushion Suede/Tan - Roadpro RP1241.

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