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Review: 2010 Honda Fury

Updated on November 11, 2011

This bike has attitude backed up by style. I know not everyone is into choppers but this is a striking bike. Honda has released this 2010 Fury in hopes of catering to those that like this style of motorcycle. I am writing about it because I believe there is more to riding motorcycles than just riding Harley’s. After a while it gets old about those that ride only one make of bike. I think you are missing some great rides out there if you restrict yourself to one manufacturer. Harley Davidson’s are very popular, and just because they are popular, doesn’t mean it’s the only choice out there.

Let me say I am a women rider and have been doing so for 40 years. I look at bikes that I think will suit me. With that in mind women know that I am thinking about them when I write about a bike. But I ride pretty much anything a man would, as long as I can touch the ground.

2010 Honda Fury

Now for the 2010 Honda Fury and what it has to offer riders.  For those of us old enough to remember the movie “Easy Rider” the chopper became the icon for enjoying freedom on the road.  The Fury has the look but is kicked up a notch in style and function.  Honda has introduced a production chopper with the longest wheelbase in Honda’s line up of street bikes.  For the ladies and guys that are not very tall the low seat height makes it ideal for you as a bike worth having in the garage.  This bike should appeal to all types of riders.  Only time will tell if Honda was on the right track when introducing this bike.

2010 Honda Fury Specs

Colors for this bike: dark red metallic, blue metallic, silver metallic, black, and matte silver metallic.

Displacement: 1312 cc.

Engine Type: 1-c 52-deg, V twin

Fuel System: EFI

Transmission: 5 speed. Prefer 6 speed.

Rake/trail: 38.0 deg/3.5 in.

Seat Height: 26.7

Wheelbase: 71.2

Fuel Capacity: 3.4 gallons

Price: $12,999 to $13,499.

With the ABS option, $13,999.

This bike is available now.


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    • prasetio30 profile image

      prasetio30 8 years ago from malang-indonesia

      it looks tough and expensive. nice bike. thanks for share