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Motorcycle Accessories for Women Riders.

Updated on September 7, 2013

Women Motorcycle Riders.

Today women motorcycle riders have a wide selection of motorcycle gear and accessories to choose from. I remember the day of wearing gear that was made for my male riding buddies. When I raced I wore shoulder pads that were not made for the female body. If you had a design on your helmet it was masculine and definitely not for the female rider. When I was younger I didn't mind much but as I got older that point of view changed. Don't get me wrong I was very proud to be a female desert racer out there with all the guys. It just didn't matter much on what was on my helmet or my jersey. Having a pony tail hanging down your back means nothing. It could be a guy under that helmet. My way of showing that a girl was under all that gear was wearing a pink bandanna around my neck. But even then you sometimes could not see it. Now I find when I look at stuff I am always looking for something pink or something that signifies that I am female. I do wear a helmet every time I go riding so that leaves out running down the road with my hair waving in the air with my sunglasses on and makeup. Not only wasn't there pretty colors to choose from but everything was cut for a guy. How about some motorcycle pants that actually have someone with hips in mind?

Motorcycle Clothing

Where to start on this one! There are leather riding pants, and leather chaps. Tank tops and t-shirts but you won't catch me in a tank top. I also do not run down the highway with short sleeves on; this for me is a safety issue. I try to put as much between me and the asphalt if I go down. There are leather leg warmers or a leather vest. Not into leather there is rain gear or armored jackets with pads. There are heated gloves or if you don't like that there thermalite liners to put in your regular gloves that you wear when riding. When it comes to clothing the options are endless. There are many stores that carry men's clothing now carries women's. The one thing I like about the Harley dealers is that they have a nice selection of clothing geared towards women riders. There are actual websites and stores geared toward women riders. No guys allowed.

Motorcycle Footwear and Head Wear

When it comes to footwear having a boot geared towards riding is a must. I prefer to have a boot that I wear for the street to come up over my ankles. Riding off-road I wear a boot that comes up my calf, your traditional dirt bike boot. Another accessory is the boot bungee or boot clip which keeps your pant leg from flopping around. Some older bikes the sprocket is exposed and right next to your foot so strap down those pant legs. If you take road trips having a waterproof touring boot is nice to have. Actually anything that is waterproof is a nice thing to have.

Now for head wear I will list some stuff that I will not wear while riding. Maybe when I stop I may wear a doo-rag or a bandanna. There are sunglasses or goggles for eye protection. This is a must have item. There are hair gloves or hair rings to hold your hair in place. There are face warmers or neck warmers which comes in handy when it is chilly out. Good thing to have for those long road trips.

The Motorcycle Helmet or Brain Bucket

This for me is the most important thing you can do for yourself when it comes to being properly dressed for riding. I know what some of you will say about wearing helmets. I believe you should be able to choose whether or not you wear one. This for me is a no brainer; wear one. My boyfriend does not wear one. In our state it is not the law to force you to wear a helmet. What I say to him is, "you fall down do not expect me to scoop up your brain matter and put it back in your head". Also I tell him you have children and it is your responsibility to be there for them; not on some respirator or in the ground. I will be so bold as to say you are selfish if you do not wear a helmet. If it is just you and you alone with no family? Then be my guest and go without a helmet.

Helmets come with full face, open face, and half shell. Full face will give you the most protection. Also it has to fit properly, it needs to be snug. Good rule to go by is can you slip your finger in by chin/ears, and then it is good. When the chin strap is tight, the helmet should not be moving all over the place on your head. I know some people are claustrophobic and full face is hard for them to wear. When trying on helmets it is good idea to try on different manufacturers. Some helmets are shaped a little differently. So! Let's say you try on a size 6 in a Shoei and a HJC both fit, but one sits better on your head. We are all shaped differently, and so are helmets.

This for me is the most important gear you will buy so don't be cheap. If you don't have the big bucks HJC makes some nice helmets. Helmets are rated, DOT, or Snell with Snell being the most stringent. If you crash and bang that nice helmet of yours have it inspected. The intergrity of the helmet can be compromised after a crash.

Final Words

The one thing that is most important for all riders is to have fun and enjoy, while out riding. For women it has become easier to have gear that is suited for you. When it comes to buying anything make sure it fits and that you can move. Sit down and make sure the jacket doesn't ride up nor is your fanny hanging out of your pants. Boots sometimes take a little getting used to. The foot-pegs, shift lever and brake will feel like they aren't there. With helmets sometimes turning your head is limited so be aware of this.

Make sure to check things out and make sure what you are buying works for you. Just because something looks really awesome on; it may not be ideal for riding on your motorcycle.

Happy riding and remember to keep the rubber side down, shiny side up.

Reviews of Motorcycles

Listed below are some reviews of motorcycles for all types of riders. It I think a bike is good for a beginner I will let you know. I will also let you know if a motorcycle requires an expert rider. Responsible motorcycle ownership not only requires that you are properly dressed but that you also are riding a motorcycle that you are capable of handling.


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