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DIY Starter Motor Replacement Video Ford Diesel Truck

Updated on June 18, 2013


These are the detailed instructions on how to change a starter on a 2000 Ford F-350 Diesel Truck.

Starter Diagnosis

If you need help in diagnosing that it is indeed your starter that has malfunctioned, please read my helpful hub that I have written on this subject.

This hub will concentrate on the actual replacement of the starter itself, but if you need help diagnosing a bad starter, please check out the other hubs:

New Starter

If you have gone through a diagnostic checklist and are positive that it is indeed your starter that needs to be replace, then purchase one online or at your neighborhood parts store.


Before you begin anything, disconnect BOTH battery cables from the positive terminals, otherwise you will electrocute yourself with TWO big batteries worth of voltage. NOT FUN!

Lift the truck

To give yourself more access to the starter (that is located on the bottom of the truck, just like changing your oil) lift the truck up with a jack, and place it on jack stands for added safety. This will give you more movement underneath the truck, which will be needed to loosen the bolts that are usually put on with an impact wrench at the factory during production.

Lights and fans

If you are in a dark place, add a shop light to give yourself added visibility. If you are doing this during the summer months, add a fan for added comfort. You will be under the truck for an extended period of time.

Remove the old starter

  • 11/16" Socket

Looking directly at the front of the truck, the starter will be located at the bottom, left-handed side of the truck. There will be (3) bolts that need to be removed. (2) are on the bottom and are easily accessible. (1) is on the top, and requires a extension to bring the ratchet back to the front of the starter, so that you will have enough room to turn the ratchet and loosen the bolt. THIS IS A EXTREME TIME SAVER! Use the extension, because your ratchet handle is too long, and it will hit the frame of the truck, unable to give enough torque needed to release the bolt.

There will be a big, red positive cable that runs directly into the solenoid itself. This is the positive that is running from both of your batteries. Double-check that you have disconnected this cable from the actual batteries, and then disconnect this cable from the starter. There will be a small, red cable that comes from your key switch and connects into the small solenoid on top of the starter. Remove this cable also.

In this position, the starter will feel slightly heavy, but it is not. You may need to drop it onto your chest for the time being, and roll it off to either side. These trucks take a lot of amperage to turn over such a big motor, so the starter is sized accordingly.

Re-install new starter

Re-install in the reverse order of removal. Bolt the starter back to the engine, the (2) bolts on the bottom first, then the (1) bolt on the top. Re-install the big, red positive battery cable back onto the solenoid, and then the smaller, red key switch cable back onto the solenoid. And you are done!

I know, it all sounds a lot easier than it ever is, but this really isn't that bad of a job compared to other maintenance tasks this vehicle requires.

If you are a visual learner, much like myself, please view the video below:


This article was originally posted on hubpages at If it is found anywhere else on the internet, it has been illegally copied and posted, and I ask you to simply report it to google or myself at THANKS!


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