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Jaguar E Type VIN Vehicle Identification Numbers Location

Updated on March 14, 2011

E-Type (XKE) Restoration Guide

Doing simple maintenance or a complete restoration job on the Jaguar E Type should be a fundamental reason for obtaining the best possible performance from the vehicle as well as economy, safety, pleasure and a constant appreciation in its value. This is the everlasting iconic car that has made its mark on the history of automobiles.

Ordering new parts from a certified Jaguar E Type parts dealer is essential to maintain its originality and therefore increase its value as much as you can. Ordering parts from the cheapest uncertified dealer will result in reduced part life span, road handling safety of your car can be compromised and a definite decrease in overall car value.

Giving full information about your E Type model can save you time, money and spare you some frustrating moments.

There is nothing more irritating and frustrating than to discover that a E Type part that you ordered some time ago and have anxiously waiting for it, came out to be the wrong one or simply will not fit. Giving the correct car and engine number together will guarantee no mistakes from your part.

Check the E Type part you are replacing carefully to see if there are any numbers stamped to it and jot them down, if possible, and if the part is light enough take it to your Jaguar parts dealer. If the part is too heavy then take a picture of it, print it and take the jotted down numbers along together with any before or after letters to that same number.

Jaguar E Type (Jaguar XKE)

It is known as the Jaguar E Type in Europe and commonly referred to as the Jaguar XKE in North America. Get more detailed information on theĀ Jaguar XKE here:

Jaguar E Type VIN Plates and Numbers Location

  • The Jaguar E Type car number is stamped on the right-hand frame cross member above the hydraulic shock absorber mounting. (Close to the inside front right wheel area)
  • The engine number on early models is stamped on the right hand side of the cylinder block above the oil filter and is also stamped at the front of the cylinder head casting.
  • The engine number on later models is stamped on the crankcase bell housing on the left hand side of the engine next to the oil dipstick.
  • Engines come with compression ratios of 8:1 or 9:1. The number 8 or 9 following the engine number tells you your E Type engine compression ratio.
  • The gearbox number is stamped on the side at the left hand back corner of the gearbox case and also on the top cover of the gearbox.
  • On automatic transmission, numbers will be found on a plate attached to the unit on the lower left hand side next to the gear selector.
  • Jaguar E Types imported to the United States and Canada will have an added certification plate riveted to the inside shut panel of the left hand side door which will inform you the month and year of manufacture and the commission number of the car.


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