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Metal Carport Kits, smart, durable, and all sizes

Updated on January 24, 2013

Metal carports are the most durable of all the carport varieties. Durability, high strength, and easy erection are all factors that set them apart from the wooden and poly car canopy cousins. Metal Carports can come in steel or aluminum. For this hub we are going to consider the steel variety. Steel carports are so useful for automobiles, boats, boat slip covers, hay coverage, livestock shelters, and very commonly for RV carports. Assets need to be protected, and this is a great way to do just that.

A metal carport can be almost any size. From a the smaller standard size of 12 feet by 20 feet up to the mammoth size of 52 feet wide by an unlimited length, one can actually get very creative with the space covered by these structures. The unlimited length is obtained by four foot or five foot incremental length extensions. A "double wide" carport is 18'x20'. For Suburbans, vans, and pickup trucks, a double wide of 20'x20' is a extra roomy.

The steel gauge used for the metal sides and roof of metal carport kits range from 12 to an industrial quality 29 gauge. Ribs sit on nine inch centers and are 3/4" high and reinforced. A 15 to 20 year warranty is very common on these high strength buildings.

The roof pitch for a steel carport is 3:12. The slope allows for water run off, but does not cause a high pitch to the building.

Metal Carport

Metal Carport
Metal Carport

Metal Carport Kit- Assembly

Easy assembly makes this type of carport a good choice. Wooden carports are the best suited for tying into existing buildings and then trimmed out and roofed to match. Metal carport kits, on the other hand, only require tools such as a screwdriver, stepladder, and measuring tape. some kits to require the cutting of the trim to length and a minimal amount of cutting on the metal roof and sides. It just depends on exactly the kind of kit your purchase. Carport designs do vary manufacturer to manufacturer.

The smaller metal carports are advertized as only taking two people between three and eight hours to assemble. As more sides or more panels are added, the erection time is lengthened.

Wide Metal Carport

Wide metal carport
Wide metal carport

Metal Carport Foundations

SteelĀ carports can be set up on cement, flat gravel surfaces, dirt or even wood. Whenever choosing the location, caution needs to be paid to how much the actual carport unit weighs and how much snow load can be expected in a given area. This is especially important when constructing a metal shed on a deck or a boat dock to use as a boat slip.

Many carport manuals come with foundation plans. It will detail things such as installing lag bolts into a cement slab to anchor to, or how to dig a suitable footer for a carport that will stand on dirt or gravel.

Whenever time comes to dig, the utility companies should be notified and aksed to come and mark any existing underground utilities. Also a check should be done on local buiding codes. Codes vary widely from area to area. It is better to be prepared ahead of time instead of once construction has begun.

Finding Carport Kits

An online search is the most comprehensive list of companies available for shopping features, sizes, and prices. Just typing in "metal carport kits" will yield hours of research. Many companies are happy to talk with you directly and quote prices based on exactly the unit that fits the need and budget. Shipping for these kits is nationwide, so it should not be a problem to deal with a company located outside of your immediate area. Carports are an inexpensive but durable addition to any home.

Whatever choice is made, be sure that it fits the need, suits the area in snow load requirements and has a proper foundation on which to be erected.


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