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Mini Sport Classic Car Restoration Part-3

Updated on October 30, 2012

Quite a lot of work has been done on the Mini since part 2. Restoring parts right away after removal from the car has taken its time but to think that when the mini is painted and ready for refitting, the job will be much easier!

After removing the entire inside parts of the car the wire looms were next. Tested each and every wire for shorts and re-taped them.

My next step was to remove the engine together with the front sub frame and suspension. For that I resorted to lift the front of the now empty shell, and the engine just rolled away from underneath!

It is so easy to work on an engine when it is removed from the car, and you get less back aches!

Fully stripped
Fully stripped

The 1 ½ inch SU carburetor was one of the first components to be restored. After a few coats of spray of an industrial degreaser the coat of grime was virtually gone, and then polishing wheels to action and the result is almost a mirror like finish! The alternator was completely black, especially in the fins, and now as new as well!

At this stage I decided to leave the engine restoration for later and concentrated in removing the rear sub frame so I could have just a shell to start working in the panels! As I removed the sub frame with suspension and wheels and after giving it a good power wash I noticed two yellow stars stamped on front left hand side of the sub frame!

These two stars got me curious!

I mentioned this find to a few classic car and Mini enthusiasts the following weeks, the reason for these two yellow stars is for identification in the assembly line!

Since only 50 of these street legal racers were built, and racing and rallying cars take a bit more of stress on them, the sub frames were not only spot welded, as a normal Mini would just have but as well, hand welded in certain points for reinforcement! Hence the two stars for identification!

Don´t forget to have your camera always at hand! Take loads of shots for future reference!

Wires and more wires
Wires and more wires

Continuing with the rear sub frame, I`ve taken out drum brakes, suspension arms, cables and trumpet and rubber cone suspension! Again, these last ones are already looking as good as new!

A note apart

Restoring classic cars can be fun and it could be costly too! To reduce costs I have built a sand blaster that is fully functional! This way I will not have to outsource parts a body panels for blasting and I can save myself quite a bit of money!

Thanks for reading and keep posted on this Mini Sports Classic Car Restoration!

Removing the engine
Removing the engine
SU carburetor
SU carburetor
Yellow stars stamped on rear sub frame
Yellow stars stamped on rear sub frame
Rear suspension assembly
Rear suspension assembly
Shelved trumpet cones looking as new
Shelved trumpet cones looking as new


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    • nelson soares profile imageAUTHOR

      nelson soares 

      8 years ago from Sunny Algarve

      Hi Howard, the washer that I got cleans at 100 to 120 bar and if you use a degreaser spray before hand it does the job better! this washer cost me close to 300 Euros!

    • Howard S. profile image

      Howard S. 

      8 years ago from Dallas, Texas, and Asia

      What pressure is necessary for pressure-washing greasy chassis, etc.? The steam cleaner I bought is totally useless on my car (or most anything else) and I don't want to make that mistake for a pressure washer. I'm looking at the electric model sold under various brand names for about $100.


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