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Mobile Auto Detailing: Engine Cleaning with Steam

Updated on May 20, 2012

If you are fond of giving your car a standard wash every weekend, then you know how extremely difficult it is to get the dirt out of every nook and cranny. There are tight corners and small spaces that even a long-handled brush or vacuum cleaner can’t possibly get to. For these problem areas and more, it’s still best to get an appointment the most reputable mobile auto detailing expert in your area.

Not only do you get the best results for your money, you’re also assured that your car is treated with utmost care and attention. No matter how expensive or effective the car cleaning chemicals you buy for your weekly car wash, you will still not be able to achieve the same quality results that a professional car specialist can provide you with.

All-around Clean

Have you ever seen a perfectly shiny, amazingly clean car glide by you as you drive to the office or the mall? You probably lost track of how many heads turned to admire its mirror-like exterior and fresh paintwork. Sometimes you don’t have to have the latest-model vehicle in order to impress people. A few coats of paint and wax may be all that it will take to transform your drab car into a showpiece on wheels.

A truly beautiful car doesn’t just look on the outside. It also looks just as great under the hood. Your engine compartment may be hidden, but that doesn’t make it safe from dirt and grime. If anything, the innards of the mechanical parts and the engine block are the dirtiest places you can ever find in a car. This is where the brake fluid, grease, oil, and rust accumulate. That’s why regular engine cleaning is important to maintain the overall performance and functionality of your car from within.

Get Mobile

Despite the many problems that plague car owners, the good news is that car care specialists have also upped the ante on the variety and quality of detailing services they offer. Mobile auto detailing is quickly emerging as the next big thing for car owners who are looking for a convenient and competitively-priced type of cleaning service that they can opt for.

Car owners with particularly busy schedules can now forget about having to squeeze in their car detailing appointment in their calendar. With mobile detailing, all they have to do is to ask their detailer for an available slot, give their address details, and specify the type of services they want to avail of.

The last requirement is especially important because it will tip off the detailer about which types of cleaning tools and agents he should load into the mobile auto detailing unit.

If you’re availing of this for the first time, you might be a little sceptical about whether you can actually have a complete cleaning package outside of the auto shop. You’ll be surprised at how many different services your detailer can perform with just a few materials. With the latest technology, you can have even sophisticated services like engine cleaning with steam right in the comfort of your own home or office garage.

The whole point of mobile detailing is to give the customer a satisfactory cleaning job minus the hassle of going to the auto shop for an appointment. Just imagine how much time you can free up from your weekly schedule if you don’t have to go to the shop to leave your car, wait for the service, and pick it up after the job is done.

Whatever you like to do in your spare time—reading books, goofing around with your kids, playing tennis or even sleeping—you can do while your car is being serviced by a professional and highly-trained car care specialist. That’s definitely a big improvement over whiling away your time at the auto shop reading outdated auto magazines. Mobile auto detailing gives you the freedom to do with your time what you want.


Do-it-yourself Engine Cleaning

Once your car is already spic-and-span inside and outside, you can forget about getting another detailing appointment for at least a couple of months. If you’re a little short on cash and are willing to spend extra time to clean your car, you can perform the detailing yourself by using cleaning tools available in the nearest hardware store. Unless your car is in serious need of professional attention, you can save the money on a detailing appointment and just work on it yourself.

One of the simplest car care jobs you can do on your own is engine cleaning with steam. It may sound like a terribly complex procedure, but all it really takes is a specially-designed steam cleaner with a long nozzle or wand, some water, and a little patience.

Unlike a pressure washer, you don’t need copious amounts of water and cleaning chemicals to bring it back to its previous squeaky-clean and rust-free state. In fact, conventional wisdom will tell you that dousing the engine block with lots of water will only promote rust. Cleaning with steam is safe and easy because it’s powerful enough to blast away all the dirt and grease without damaging even the smallest parts of your engine.

Using steam for engine cleaning not only gives you great results without taxing your budget, it also helps you do your share for environmental protection. Every day, tons of water are wasted on garage cleaning and conveyor belt wash systems, not to mention the liters of toxic cleaning chemicals that are used in the process. Because you need very little water to produce steam, you also conserve the earth’s water resources.

Know Your Car Care Needs

Paying attention to your car’s maintenance is an important factor in maintaining its resale value and overall usability. While you can always perform simple cleaning jobs on your own, there will always be a point in time when you need to call in the experts to perform a thorough clean on your car. When this happens, ask your trusted detailer if he offers mobile auto detailing so you can see for yourself how it works and why it’s fast becoming the service of choice among car owners.


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