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Monte Carlo SS VIN Info- And Color Options

Updated on November 13, 2010


As stated in my last blog I point out some of the things that make a Monte Carlo SS special,here is added info that will help you ID that SS. Lets start with the VIN number. 1st digit-Country Code 2nd digit-Producer code-3rd digit-Division code-4th digit-Car line code(83-84 different than 85-88) 5th digit Series code-6th digit Body style code(83-86 different than 87-88)-7th digit Restraint system code(83-86 different than 87-88)-8th digit Engine code-9th digit-check digit(ignored)-10th digit-Model year code-11th digit-Manufacturing Plant Location code-12th through 17th-Production sequence code(subtract 100,001).

COLOR OPTIONS(1983-1988)

1983-exterior: white(SS),metallic blue(SS)---interior: white/blue(SS only)

1984-exterior:white(SS),metallic blue(SS),black,silver,light fern,dark fern,beige,light brown,dark metallic brown,light maroon,dark metallic maroon,bright silver/white,dark blue/light blue,dark fern/light fern,dark brown/light brown,dark maroon/lightmaroon


Same as 1984 except--exterior:no silver/white,add silver/dark maroon,add silver/gray--interior:no dark blue/white(SS only),no dark brown,add saddle


Same as 1985 except exterior:no dark metallic brown,no silver/dark maroon,add medium metallic brown--interior: no chage


Same as 1986 except exterior: add light metallic brown(SS-rare!) interior: no change


Same as 1987 except exterior: add medium metallic gray,add dark metallic blue,no light metallic brown(SS),add black/gray,add gray/silver,add dark maroon/metallic maroon--interior: no changes

So there you have it,next post How to Tell Them Apart

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