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My Driving disaster

Updated on March 18, 2011

A Bad Day !

I was working a few hours away from home in a small country town selling insurance a few years ago now, Driving around country lanes to visit customers when I realised my car was leaking water .

Not a good sign so I headed back into the town I had been staying in. When I caught up with my boss he suggested I start heading home so I wouldn't be in the dark so I filled a few bottles up with spare water and started to head home.

The next town I arrived at I looked for a tap and filled up again then carried on.

When I was about 2 hours from home I turning right into a petrol station and again filled up with water as well as my containers .

This is where the real drama started . As I was pulling of the drive and crossed the road I hit something (still to this day cant work those brief moments out in my mind)but was so worried about the water I was still trying to get home , however I had to pull up as my windscreen was cracked and I couldn't see so I thought now I am going to have to call for help,

Just then a police car pulled up and asked what was wrong. I told them that I had a water problem and they stared at me in amazement as the car was a write off and I was talking about leaking water !

He told me that I had gone right over a stop sign and my car was wrecked underneath.

A tow truck was called to take me to the nearest town where I had to wait a couple of hours for my husband to pick me up.

Fortunately it was only the sign I had run over that was hurt.

I have no photos of the car as I hadn't taken my camera away with me this time.

We were pleased us the car was insured .


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