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Okotoks Car Show and Shine Collector Cars

Updated on November 27, 2011

Okotoks Show & Shine 2011

Old Towne Okotoks Show and Shine 2011

Did you make it down to the Old Towne Okotoks Show and Shine this year, if you did not you really missed out; this was the best year of the Okotoks Show and Shine car show thus far in my opinion. There was a great variety of automobiles, from classic cars to fancy sporty editions that some would truly drool over. It was obvious that a lot more thought went into the show this year and many more parties brought in their unique and show ready automobiles.

You can probably tell that the Excalibur was my favorite this year, I have never seen a car like this before; a sight to behold. If you look around for the purchase of one of these cars I see them starting at around $50,000 US Dollars for the Excalibur Roadster.

There was a great turn out to see all the autos that were displayed at the Show and Shine car show in Okotoks, if you haven't made it yet you really need to put in a lot more effort to get here. Make sure you enter your unique show ready car into the show so I can get some pictures of it too; always look for more pictures of classic, sport, exotic and tripped out latest editions as well.

As for the car that is called Car with Eyes, I honestly do not know what it is called, but this car too was a first sight for me and of course also ranked up there as one of my favorites.

If you take a close look at the red coupe picture above you will see that the paint job on this car is fabulous, there are a couple of different angles on the car for you to take a look at. You very seldom if ever see these types of cars out on the road, if I owned one I probably wouldn't have it out on the road either to prevent damage to it. I say people, go to the car shows, classic car shows to show and shines, there's a bit of something for everyone.

Bring your show car; be it a classic, exotic or a custom automobile, park it in a prime spot and spend the day sipping on a soda and munching on a hot dog when you get the growlies. There are sure to be a lot of people about and some may want to engage you in conversation so they can learn about your unique automobile, be open to chatting a bit.

Classic car shows or show and shine car shows bring in all kinds of different people and different automobiles; you're sure to find something you like at the show. To make things even better this year Fountain Tire in Okotoks was giving away Free Hot Dogs and Pop; kudos to Fountain Tire. When the lady asked if I wanted a free hot dog I had to ask back, 'You mean I don't have to pay any money? Free, there is no catch?' It was totally free; superb! If I get tired of car shows I can always go back and get a free hot dog and pop, just because it's free.

This section I have left for all of the awesome yellow vehicles that I found, tell me, do you find them as beautiful as I do? I think the one attached to the Mel's Diner cart is a gem.

Get Your Car Show Ready

At this years show and shine in Okotoks they even had the Mike and Tracy Ferstl car in from Ferstl racing; Mike and Tracy created Ferstl Racing Enterprises in 1990. Sometimes you get to see more than you thought when you go to the local car show, the shows are always different, some are better than others.

There is no admission cost to view the cars that are being presented at the Okotoks show and shine car show, all you need do is show up; make sure you bring a camera to get pictures of those vehicles you've never seen before and may never see again other than in pictures. Bring a friend or two and take in some live music which has been provided at the last two Okotoks Show and Shines, this car show is becoming quite a production for the Towne of Okotoks.

This years car show was fantastic here in Okotoks, I hope next year is even better. This is one car show hub that took a very long time to complete, hope some find it useful. If one of the cars pictured here are yours and you would like to add some info on it, please leave a comment and I'll see what I can do.

Show and Shine 2011 Okotoks

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