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Red Code Violation Policy/Law

Updated on June 3, 2012

Are More of Our Rights Getting Thrown Out the Window?

I cannot begin to state how disillusioned I am about the growing practice, and acceptance, by some cities, and some States, in issuing red code violation tickets, by mail; depending on the so-called accuracy of a camera. For those that are not aware of what I am speaking of; red light camera detectors are placed in the vicinity of Stop Lights, to capture pictures of the alleged license plates, on vehicles, running the red lights.

I would not have any problems with this, if innocent people, like me, were not being affected by it. The way these tickets are being implemented, fines accessed, and the way they are mailed out, are what I see as the weaknesses, of this policy. The tickets are issued to the registered owners of the vehicles; regardless of if they were the people driving them, or not! In my view, this is a violation of a person's sovereign right; sort of like being found guilty, first, and having, or trying, to prove innocence, as to being the driver. I use the word 'trying' because once the ticket is issued; the city, or State, that issued the ticket, does not seem to care, to know, or hear, or find out the truth. They just want the exorbitant amount of money, that they charge; once they decide on the person that they are issuing the ticket/fine to.

The owner of a car can be disabled (incapable of driving), handicapped (incapable of driving), indisposed (incapable of driving), or had loaned out their car, etc.; and just because they are the owner of the alleged vehicle, they can be accused of being the one that ran the light. Now, what is to stop the driver, that the car is not registered to, to not run red lights, anytime they want? Something is, definitely, wrong with this picture, and this way of thinking. This is so unjust! I can, and am, only speaking for myself; but, I refuse to pay for a fine that I know that I am innocent of, just because a car, driven by someone else) is registered to me, or that I am the owner of.

I am disabled (and, at the time, in question; incapable of driving)! Not counting the Auto-Immune Disease that I was diagnosed with, I had 4 strokes, and a heart attack. I had, and still have, caretakers (only one, or two, now, because of this issue); Church members from my Church, other Churches, and volunteers, helping me out. And, yes, I allowed my car to be used by different people helping me out (I couldn't drive it); therefore, if it was my car, I have no idea of who was driving. Also, I, like anyone else, am not responsible for anyone else's driving habits.

I am not rich, I am on disability; and feel that this is a huge injustice to any innocents, to have to find, or come up with the sum of money, that has been applied to this bogus offense. I am speaking for only the innocent; not for anyone that know that they are guilty of running a light.

I feel that if cities, or States, consider themselves, so, technically, advanced, as to start ticketing/fining this way; then, find a way to take a picture of the driver. I, also, see this as being politically motivated; and, another way, to rip off citizens, for the money. Besides, the money, I view it as another way of throwing their weight, and power, around. Another problem, is the vehicle, itself, may not, even, be the vehicle that, supposedly, ran the red light; where, the license plate was not interpreted, or read, correctly. I have heard stories of this happening with this new red code Violation idea. After all, computers are not 100% accurate, at times, neither. I think that they guess at the plate letters/numbers; then search to find a vehicle that matches, or come close to the description of the car in the picture, that was taken by the camera. And, this is only if they bother to search for the vehicle match, or description. The picture that I saw was very fuzzy.

Anyway, I feel that this is an issue, that it is time, for the Supreme Court to step in, and rule on; as to the validity of this practice, and to put this matter to rest. More Cities and States are, constantly, joining in; with the starting of this method of ticketing/fining; and, I am positive, that it is only for the money, a new way of generating revenue. First, the cameras on the streets, and/or blocks, then the tollway entrances/exits, and, now, the stoplights. What is going to be next? I am getting tired of all of this Big Brother business; and, with all of the cameras, doing what should be specific people's jobs. What are they getting paid to do; to sit and watch peoples activities from a small room, on a computer, or in a car? What is this Country becoming? A huge trap, prison, and a lazy government? It sure is, far, from the Land of the Free! I know that I am not the only one, that have a problem with this Red Code Violation matter; and others. All of us, need to stand up and say that we had enough! This so-called government IS out of control!


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