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Triumph Riders Motorcycling to the Bushe Cafe UK

Updated on November 1, 2017
tlcs profile image

Trudy otherwise known as tlcs loves to write about motorcycling and touring. The sense of freedom that you get when riding is awesome!

A good turn out for the first ride out of the season

Welcome to the first of my hubs riding with the destination Triumph - Solent.

Wow! What a turn out! Not only was the sun shining for the first ride out but the turn out of riders was fantastic! With twenty one bikes to start the season off I'm sure like me the rest of the riders were looking forward to the first ride of the season.

Wow! What a turn out for the first ride of the season!
Wow! What a turn out for the first ride of the season! | Source
So here we have Mike the leader and Tim the back marker, raring to go for the first ride of the season!
So here we have Mike the leader and Tim the back marker, raring to go for the first ride of the season! | Source

Something tells me that we are all so, so, ready for this season's fun!

Everyone looks so happy! Smiles all round. Gleaming clean motorbikes with their riders raring to get in the saddle and ride.


It's great to get together with a group of friends and riders, all having the same interest

After the long winter and the bikes being stored away for some it is great to meet up again with friends and talk about the year ahead and what has been planned by Mike and the destination Triumph - Solent.

All gleaming!!
All gleaming!! | Source

I cannot imagine how long it must take some of these riders to clean their motorbikes!

When we first arrive at one of the meets it always amazes me how clean the bikes all are! Not one looks as if it has been disregarded and put away without cleaning it.

I know my hubby spends quite sometime cleaning his motorbikes and I just wonder how long it must take some of the others.


So the day unfolds with a brief from Mike as to the route he will be taking

Everyone gathering around listening intently to Mike's plan for the day
Everyone gathering around listening intently to Mike's plan for the day | Source

Just time to take a few pictures to get me in the mood!

I love taking random photograph's. There is nothing like looking back at them and realizing that nobody is taking any notice of me and that when they see the photographs they will smile and remember the day fondly.

I haven't really taken any since last season, so, today will be getting me back into the swing of things.

Hopefully by the end of the season the photo's will be perfect.

It really is worth the effort of getting up early!


So much catching up to do!

The riders always have so much to talk about. They never seem to get tired of talking about their bikes!


Lids are going on ready to get going!

It always amazes me how all of a sudden everyone is sat on their bikes and ready to go. It's like a conveyor belt of bikers grabbing their lids all at much the same time and being ready to go at much the same time.....

Lids on and almost ready to get going!


I love Hampshire in England, so much to see!

I have lived in Hampshire all of my life and I am still amazed when my hubby and I go out on the motorbike into the countryside how beautiful Hampshire in the UK is.

We have toured to many countries and I must say there is a lot to see out there. That said our Sunday ride outs in good old England never fail.

Hampshire, born and bred in this beautiful location

I absolutely love Hampshire in the UK!
I absolutely love Hampshire in the UK! | Source

The trees are beautiful at this time of the year with the buds just starting to show signs of bursting into glorious color!


The roads were pretty good as we set off

Not too much traffic, just what you want for the first ride out. Nothing worse than having to go at a speed which could easily ruin the ride if there are to many cars around.


Lush green grass and beautiful churches always capture my thoughts

I tend to like taking photographs of the lush green fields and lots of churches, it makes me realize how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful country with tranquil settings.


Worth a mention...

O.k, so the photo of the sign is not perfect, that said the name Mattingley is my maiden name (without the e) had to take the picture didn't I!


There were a few road works on the way but not enough to ruin the ride

Bit bumpy, but the traffic did flow pretty well and it didn't affect our moods.


We're here!

We all arrived safely, great ride, lovely road, excellent weather, beautiful countryside, what more could you ask for on a Sunday ride out!

And we're here safe and sound!
And we're here safe and sound! | Source
Ready for a cuppa!
Ready for a cuppa! | Source

A little bit about motorcycle touring in the UK

And away we go....
And away we go.... | Source

Our thanks go out to Mike and Tim

Well, what a great day, couldn't have wished for more. Good turn out and great weather.

Thank you Mike and Tim from all of your members!

See you soon!

Oh and ride safe!

A little about Blackbushe Airport for you to see


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