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Save Money With Half Water Half Gas System In Your Car, Van Or Truck

Updated on April 27, 2009

Determined to cut down on your gas bill?

Can’t afford to either change your existing car or vehicle, or spend too much money on converting?

Well there is a solution.

It is so simple that even the skeptics are scared of its simplicity and scoff at the idea. It uses HHO Fuel and is practically free, made from Half Water Half Gas.

“Made from Water?”

Yes, that’s right. In fact it is the reason why it is being scoffed at and so much adverse comments are made. This Half Water Half Gas system can be built by anyone anywhere in the world and very cheaply too.

And that is the root of the problem: It is too inexpensive to be true – people are accustomed to paying high prices for simple things. Big oil companies shiver.

Also known as H2O fuel, Water fuel, Brown’s Gas or Oxy Hydrogen (as in Oxy Acetylene), anyone can produce Half Water Half Gas at home and tap into a relatively free source of energy.

“How can water burn when it is used to put out fires?”

“And wouldn’t the car shut down when there is water in the tank?”

Of Course. I would expect this.

But you see, even though water is used as the base of the new fuel, it is not utilized by engine in this familiar liquid state. Here are some tips from the Half Water Half Gas Guide to get you started in understanding this old concept to help save money.

1. Regular water is used, but with a very simple and easy built apparatus or electrolyser as explained in great detail with video tutorials in Half Water Half Gas which you build yourself using an ordinary mayonnaise bottle for example, you break down the water molecules into Hydrogen and Oxygen. This is done using about the same amount of current from the battery as the park lights. It is these Hydrogen and Oxygen gases which form the HHO Fuel that are sent into the engine to be burnt.

2. The HHO Fuel mixes with the car’s petrol and burns completely in the engine. In fact the Hydrogen enhances the performance of the gasoline or diesoline and the Oxygen ensures a more complete ignition. This results in more power and since it is also an alternative fuel, it helps supplement the gasoline. The result is more miles to the gallon. The amount of savings that can be expected from your HHO Fuel is dependant on the amount of electrolysers that you install, up to a limit. You can get an average savings range of 25 to 30% normally on the basic systems, and can even increase to over 60% if you follow the step by step procedures in Half Water Half Gas.

3. You don’t need a barrel of water. 500 miles can use up less than a pint in a single unit system. You easily add it into the electrolyser units. Tap water, river water and even molten snow or sea water will provide HHO Fuel. The electrolyser breaks down the water into its constituent atoms and the volumes of gaseous products emitted are tremendous compared to the amount of liquid used for their production. Because heat is produced, some water tends to also evaporate, and you have to replace this mostly. If the system could run cool, it will be practically maintenance free.

4. It does not harm the engine. Instead, engine life has been reported to increase. The steam in the cylinders cleans out the build up of carbon and gets the metal parts shiny again. The piston and rings are freed up and the head and valves get decarbonized. With HHO Fuel in your car, van or truck, you will notice that after a short while you have a smoother and quieter engine. This is more pronounced in diesel engines. It will surprise you. The exhaust gases are more cleaner and environment friendly.

5. Do you know that the very first internal combustion engines were developed to work on this Half Water Half Gas system? Gasoline was developed afterwards. This was responsible for the importance of the Oil Industry. If all vehicles were to go back to HHO Fuel, the problems of pollution will be reduced.

6. You can easily modify yourvehicle to work on HHO Fuel and build yourself a Hybrid car.You don’t have to go and purchase an expensive ready made one. You can take your old vehicle, whatever its age, and convert. The Half Water Half Gas system can be applied from the smallest cars to the largest trucks and Earth Moving Equipments. You can even use it in lawnmowers.

7. Have you considered purchasing a hybrid car or even a smaller one to help save on gas money? Perhaps you have to do long distances regularly. Or even being on the road is part of the job. I was skeptical at first. In fact it took over three months just toying with the idea before I just decided to take action. I installed just one unit on my small truck and boy, have never regretted it. That truck pulls load uphill easily. It really surprised me. Right now I am making more units to install on my car and the truck again.

So if you really want to save money on gas, follow the Half Water Half Gas guide and smile when you pass the gas station. To get more knowledge on this topic, check out Half HHO Half Gas


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    • profile image

      Fred Mathews 3 years ago

      How and where do I get the parts for the above. Is there a manual or diagram?

      please contact me at :

    • profile image

      Teguh Lim 7 years ago

      No Need KOH, NaOH, Any sodium , please link

    • Rawle_m profile image

      Rawle_m 8 years ago from Trinidad and Tobago

      Glad you made a good decision. If there is any else that you need to know, just give me a call.

      Good luck


    • profile image

      Oral M 8 years ago

      Ok uncle Raule you have made me change my position from one of being a skeptic to being ah beliver since it saw it workin in your car. I have decided to install one in my car as well Thanks Oral