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Seven Tips for Safe Driving

Updated on July 6, 2009
glendoncaba profile image

Glendon and his wife have led church ministries, conducted empowerment seminars, and travelled to faraway places on business and vacation.

I like the American approach to safe driving (at least in the state of Florida back in the 1980s). Had to pass the test to get my Florida's learner's permit back then. Nobody has the right of way at an intersection, it's not about who has the right of way, it's who gives way. Kinda makes you stop and think. So when you arrive at a potentially hazardous turn, instead of assuming right of way, you ask Should I be the one to give way? With that kind of thinking you are likely to drive with consideration for other motorists. The following seven perhaps unorthodox tips represent my idea of safe driving. Some will cause you to believe I was drunk when I wrote them(except I dont drink anything stronger than honey and cinnamon), some will be very similar to the "Who gives way" approach.

  1. Everyone else on the road except me is terminally crazy. They will all turn without indicating, brake suddenly, park in the middle of the road around corners, and cuss me out when I obey the rules of the road. Because I know I'm the only sober one on the road I'm not surprised at the crazy driving, and I anticipate it. This attitude will keep me from road rage. When they are consistent with this expectation I will pray for them instead of acting surprised. Once every blue moon I will meet another sober person who is actually polite on the road, I wave and smile because I know we are a lonely bunch, the law-abiding drivers on the road.
  2. You will lock up your key in the car. Walk with a spare key in your wallet that you keep on your person at all times. Dont lend this spare key to your wife, she will lose it; make a spare that you give her, she will lose that one too. Make another spare that you lend her; she will lose that one as well.
  3. Tell your teenager that she will have to wash the car for every time that she drives it. Usage will reduce by 50%.   Tell her to get a part time job in order to help with the upkeep and petrol and usage will fall by a further 25%. 
  4. Remember your following distance is determined by braking distance, visibility, and weather. I prefer to be so far behind the other driver that every one overtakes me and wonder what on earth is wrong with the guy in front. Is he a serial killer or something why I'm staying so far behind? Go ahead, overtake me. I'm cool. I'm keeping far enough away because I expect him to do something crazy any time now.
  5. When driving at nights don't out-stare the oncoming headlights. If you are in a country where you drive on the left (like UK and Jamaica) you look to the left but keep oncoming traffic in your peripheral vision; naturally if you are driving in USA or Europe where you drive on the right then you look slightly off to the right.
  6. At the start of your journey just tell yourself that there is a traffic cop up the street.  Good motivater to buckle the seat belt.  Which reminds me, pay your traffic fines. Every time you pay a traffic fine, you experience a reinforcement for safe driving.
  7. Don't race because you are late. Tell yourself you are late and enjoy the scenery.  

Hey guys I've got more where that came from but that's all on driving for now. Happy motoring.


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