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Stand out and pimp your car with a custom rear spoiler for less than 100$!

Updated on May 28, 2010

Two tone vehicles look cool

Racing stripes make things look cool, regardless of the price!
Racing stripes make things look cool, regardless of the price!
Two tone makes event his scooter look awesome!
Two tone makes event his scooter look awesome!

Two tone makes everything better!

Have you noticed how many orange and yellow super expensive cars there are? Sure, yellow and orange are great colors and they stand out quite a lot from the crowd.

But there's a better solution - making your car stand out without making it look like a taxi or an orange ! :)

Two tone cars have been around for a while and are quite retro. In the today's all-solid color cars, they stand out and look very unique! Just take a look at the images on the right. I'm certain people put a lot of effort into making these color combinations, but they look pretty appealing!

The simplest way to add 2 color scheme to your car is through applying racing stripes or other vinyl decals and painting unpainted plastic to match the color of the stripes.

Spoiler types

Ok, this may impress my grandma. She's easy to impress, really!
Ok, this may impress my grandma. She's easy to impress, really!
Average, definitely something you can work with!
Average, definitely something you can work with!
Extreme double deck spoiler...Wait, why not go for triple deck?
Extreme double deck spoiler...Wait, why not go for triple deck?

Spoiler types

Spoilers are improve handling of race cars at high speeds by improving traction and aerodynamics around turns. Nowadays most spoilers are nothing more than a fashion accessory on most cars.

Generally there are 3 types of spoilers on the market:

  • Mini Lip spoilers - these add a bit of sizzle to your car and can be accented in a different color. They don't obscure vision. Available in trunk and hatchback versions.
  • Regular factory spoilers - these can come painted or primed and may include stoplights. These obscure a bit of your rear-view vision.
  • Extreme and custom spoilers. These are usually made for performance racing and come unpainted or primed. They may significantly obscure your rear view vision, depending on the height of mounts. These don't come with lights, but are the strongest fashion statement you can make!

Spoilers require drilling, so adding one to your car is a major move!

Not much to work with, really

Not much work with, but white is a great color. It is like a blank canvas! Why Geo Metros lack so many left mirrors?
Not much work with, but white is a great color. It is like a blank canvas! Why Geo Metros lack so many left mirrors?

You got your first car... Not much to work with!

Face it, most people from working families get a beat up old car or have to buy a used car with many many miles as their first set of wheels.

And while many people try to spend a lot of money on trying to make it look nice(look at honda civics around your neighborhood), the truth is - you will swap your car in a few years. By then, it will depreciate and will probably cost only a fraction of what it is worth when you got it. After a few months the honeymoon period would pass and you would look at your car just like a mode of transportation.

I found an interesting solution to the problem: pimp out your first 1k-2k$ car with a set of accessories and a spoiler! It is sure to make it stand out and makes it very personal!

Putting it together

If you are not satisfied with the look of your car, but don't have much money in your wallet, try looking online for cool graphics and decals. While customized graphics may be out of people skill level when applying (vinyl tends to bubble), racing stripes are relatively straightforward to apply.

  • Begin by taking a few shots of your car, including a rule or an object of some known length on your trunk. Most stripes are sold in 5,6,7 and 8 inch widths and you want to know how they would look.
  • Upload the pictures to a graphics program like photoshop.
  • Go to your racing stripes potential vendor and open the thumbnail of the potential stripe color in photoshop. 
  • Now try to draw stripes across your car. This would look rather goofy. 
  • A cheaper alternative for most non-white car would be to apply 2 rolls of toilet paper and take pictures with that. Then you can replace the color of the paper and match it to the color of the stripes! 
  • An important thing that you want to look at is spacing. Do you like them tightly together or far apart? The photo below has 5" stripes at 1.5" separation. 8" stripes would look better further apart. 

Putting the pieces together!

Work complete, the side trim can be painted over as well to complete the transformation to two tone vehicle!
Work complete, the side trim can be painted over as well to complete the transformation to two tone vehicle!

Adding and painting the spoiler

The spoiler is the hardest part. Make sure that you save enough of the racing stripes to apply to the spoiler when you paint it, as painting two tone patterns with spray paint is a major pain in the ass! (You have 1 hour to paint over spraypaint after application. After that the old paint will start to warp and bubble, ruining your paint job).

  • Spoiler will require drilling! Do not buy one if you are not ready to do that!
  • The spoiler will come with aluminum finish and will require priming if it is not already primed. Apply 2 coats of primer, as indicated on the can.
  • Spray painting requires outdoor temperature of 60F to dry the paint properly. Painting in the winter is a major obstacle! Do your spraypainting in the summer.
  • The spoiler has to be disassembled and painted as you see fit. Photoshop design before painting is recommended!

A word of caution!

Be careful with stripes! Even though many advertisers claim that they are "easy to remove", I found that stripes leave a permanent color change where they used to be applied. So even if you remove them, the spot where they were applied would be visible.

Police issues: I cannot speak for most states, but I've only been stopped once for looking "different". The officer made up a story about a non-working taillight and pulled us over. The funny thing is that a couple of us were sitting inside in camo pants, covered in dirt from an airsoft game and having a bunch of replica airsoft weapons in the back :)

Vandalism/Theft issues: While no one will steal your 1k$ car that stands out everwhere, it is possible to be a victim of vandalism. I noticed that a lot of "pimp" cars in my neighbourhood got vandalized, I lost a 25$ left mirror and a 30$ tailight. Some people lost 400$ rims and expensive thin tires. Still, the satisfaction of owning something that different is worth it!

Visibility: Large spoiler may impair your visibility more than 200 feet behind your car.

Miles Per Gallon: Expect to get 2-3 MPG less due to increased drag

Non-Conformism! This will easily label you as a non-conformist and a rebel. This is why I took the spoiler and stripes off when I started to park in corporate parking lots!


While the above warnings are true and pretty real, there are numerous benefits!

  • The car looks cool. It does feel personal and I loved every moment I had that car
  • It's easy to find in a parking lot!
  • It stands out and makes a statement! 
  • It is rather different from most other "rice" cars out there
  • Very stylish

Often imitated, never duplicated!

Hilarious! I took the spoiler off after about 6 months and sold it to finance my airsoft habit...
Hilarious! I took the spoiler off after about 6 months and sold it to finance my airsoft habit...

A small disclaimer!

Well, with proper preparation this can be done for 100$.

A Bomz Spoiler can cost as low as 50$ with 30$ for shipping, while most racing stripes cost in the 20-30$ range depending on size,6-10$ for shipping. You will also need a 1-2 cans of primer, 1-2 cans of spray paint and clearcoat. Masking tape is very useful (extra 30$)

All together: as low as 130$, as high as you want it to be!


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    • Pkittock profile image


      4 years ago from Minnesota

      pleeeeeeeeeeease don't put stripes and an obnoxious spoiler on random ordinary cars... No offense, but that is the definition of rice. If it floats your boat, then go right ahead- but do so knowing that most people including most car enthusiasts are going to hate it.. Not trying to be mean, but that's the truth based on my experience with the enthusiast scene.

    • profile image

      Car Styling 

      7 years ago

      An excellent hub,

      I personally believe that with spoilers, the more subtle the better. It does depend on the car itself, but unless you are using the spoiler for an aero dymanic purpose (like racing cars) people often try and put on one for show, and often it will look completely out of place.

      I have seen a 2 door Vauxhall Corsa with a massive spoiler at the back which is not Atheistically pleasing and it's obvious the driver feels the need to compensate.

      I used to own a Renault Clio RT, I bought it lowered, it had 2 spoilers on it (1 above the rear window, the other on the boot it self)and it added a lot style to the car. People would often comment on that they added a touch of class to the car, from behind you couldn't actually tell you had spoilers, they just blended in with car and gave it a different edge to it than other standard cars.


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