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Inconsiderate Drivers: Why they SUCK.

Updated on October 12, 2014

Oh, holy rants, this ones gonna be a doozy...

Who DOESN'T share this hatred? Terrible drivers! WHAT. THE. HECK.

You could be on one of three types of drivers...the people who drive irritatingly careful, and are pissed that people "drive like maniacs", one of the maniacs, who do insane things to try to get ahead of everyone or just go faster,(just to end up at the same destination at the same time ANYWAY), or one of the NORMAL drivers, who has to be concerned about irritatingly careful drivers AND maniacs. I am one of the latter.

Well I suppose you could be one of the dangers to society who have no idea how to drive as well, but they are the cause of this rant, so they get no voice here.

Oh, it's ON:


Holy crap, HOW did these people get licenses??? I really need to know. I know my bumper stickers, and NOT ONE OF THEM says "Ride my butt like there’s a towline attached", nor do they say "hurry up! You might miss your chance to cut me off from two lanes over doing 75!!!"

Female Asian drivers are the scariest sight in the world. Especially when combined with either A: a car full of kids, or B: a cell phone. I am normally super-confident while driving, but I actually have been conditioned by experience to get a shock of fear when I see a woman with straight black hair in a minivan behind me. I actually have to fight the urge to pull over and let them pass. I have almost been smashed by THREE INDIVIDUAL FEMALE ASIAN DRIVERS IN ONE YEAR. It was only my astute observation of the drivers around me that saved my butt.

Once I was in a rotary, or as I like to call them, "Accident-creating spheres of doom", and was in the outside lane, going for the second exit...only in the first exit, someone from the inside lane who had entered the rotary RIGHT WITH ME, apparently thought she could drive right through my car. I was in NO BLIND SPOT, parallel with her, and she starts pulling over into me, with no blinker of course. What the hell lady? You do realize you can't trans-morph through solid matter for the convenience of making your exit, right? I handily do not suck at driving and avoided her like a freaking NASCAR driver, while NOT ENDANGERING OTHERS ON THE ROAD, and escaped unscathed. Retard. I wish I had a button where I could auto-revoke people's licenses.

Oh, Caribbean/Haitian women...they are so relaxed and laid back. That’s fine in a social circle, even preferred... BUT NOT IN A FREAKIN' CAR ON A MAJOR ROAD! You unfortunately DO need to pay attention to other cars, and no, you DO NOT HAVE PERMANENT RIGHT-OF-WAY. Woman is in the far left lane, and coasts straight across TWO LANES, almost smashes me in the right lane, cutting me off FOR NO REASON, she isn't even drunk, and continues driving ahead of me. Then, she drifts back into the middle awhile, slows down to like 50 in a 65...but I'm afraid to be next to her by now, so I don't try to I wait...then finally say screw it! I'll whip by her and pray. Boy was that a bad gamble. Just as I start to pass, she WHIPS back into my lane about an inch from my bumper and takes an exit. HOLY FREAKIN' CRAP I ALMOST POOPED.

EVERY time I get cut off and see someone coasting all nutty during the day, it’s a freaking Haitian chick. I'm not racist or anything, these women just don't seem to give a damn about the rules of the road. It's like they are always drunk, it's ridiculous! (Insert stereotypical weed joke here.)


Holyfrickincrap, you ever been TRAPPED FOREVER behind someone doing 10 in a 40? I wanted to park my car, walk up to her and drag her out of her barely moving car, put her in my car, drive her car to a side road and park it, go back to my car, drive her to a retirement home, and go back to where I was and continue on my way. If I had done ALL THAT, I STILL would have made better time than driving behind this blue-haired human sloth. It took me 40 minutes to get from the center of town to my street. I timed it, AND ITS NORMALLY A FIVE MINUTE DRIVE!

I think if I had done that, every one of the 50 screaming, honking, exasperated motorists in a snake line behind us would have given me money and eternal praise. DAMN NO PASSING ZONE AND MANY BORED COPS IN THIS STUPID SUBURB OF A TOWN! Made me yearn for Worcester traffic. (If you are from Massachusetts, you know how pissed I must have been to wish for THAT madness.)



Illegal and inconsiderate parking

So, this morning, a thing happened to me which spawned this rant. I was parked in a 10 minute parking zone, nosed up to a no-parking zone on a steep downhill. I had to wait forever to park, as it was a busy area. FINALLY I get to, and I run into the building to sign some papers. I'm in and out in 10 minutes, as is the purpose of the parking zone being there. I get to my car to discover two cars now bookend me with about a 1/2 foot of space. Including the worst culprit in front of me, IN A NO PARKING ZONE, who would have had to actually BACK UP TO MY CAR to get where they were parked. Why, I don't know, there was no car in front of them, and squeezing closer definitely didn't make them any LESS illegally parked.

Whatever, all I know is that I was trapped there for 40 minutes, and the damn police and parking people didn't give a crap. The person behind me was as illegally parked as in front, as it was a 10 MINUTE ZONE, not a "TAKE AS LONG AS YOU WANT" zone. I had to pee, but didn't want to leave my car for fear that the damn parking people would happen by. So of course, being a sarcastic loud-mouth, I couldn't shut my damn mouth when the rude ahole in front of me FINALLY showed up.

ME: "Hey thanks for blocking me in, ILLEGALLY, for 40 damn minutes!"

HER (That’s right, woman frickin driver): Sorry.(Insincerely)

ME: "Sorry? I'm reporting you, with PICTURES, enjoy your ticket!"

HER: Gets in her car and leaves.

ME: Pissed FOREVER, and back to hating Worcester, and Massholes.

(NOTE: I was pregnant at the time. She's lucky to have survived. I had a 10 1/4 lb baby in me, and was far, far too pregnant and miserable for that crap.)


Seriously? What the hell? Why? Just why? You know what?. This subject is too ridiculous. Really. Reading and driving. People this stupid should be launched at the sun. How terrifyingly self-absorbed do you have to be to think you should read anything, no matter how short, while driving a 2 ton killing machine? Hey, why don't I just install a book clip on my steering wheel? Then I can peruse the latest best-selling novel while I endanger myself, and everyone around me. Jesus, you might as well drive drunk at that point.


"Oh, I'm a great driver, I do it all the time, it would never happen to ME." NEWSFLASH!!! NOBODY thinks it would happen to them. Then it does.
"Oh, I'm a great driver, I do it all the time, it would never happen to ME." NEWSFLASH!!! NOBODY thinks it would happen to them. Then it does.

Are YOU a bad driver?

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