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Things to consider when buying a car

Updated on July 10, 2011
Proper planning before buying a car
Proper planning before buying a car

Proper planning will give you the confidence to buy a car

There are many things to consider when buying a car, especially since this is a product that will cost you lot of money. You should be careful when buying anything but when it comes to buying a car you should be extra careful and do more planning. In this article I will discuss some important thing you should consider before doing the actual sale. I will discuss about assessing your requirements, importance of properly valuating your current car if you already own one, importance of being prepared with the money before you do the actual sale and why it is not such a good idea to be too personal with the sales persons at the car sales. And finally the add-ons that you buy but you hardly use. Hopefully this article will help you in your quest to buy a car. One of the most important things to remember when buying a car is that you should be prepared to bargain for a price with the salesman and at the same time be prepared to say "NO" to the salesman.

Check list before buying a car

Below are some things you should consider while buying a car.

  • Know your requirements - Seems simple enough and obvious but a one of the main causes for unhappy car owners. Think of the luggage and gear you might have to carry, think of the number of people in your house and the size of the pet, parking space etc to avoid regretting later.
  • Be informed of maintenance,fuel and insurance costs - Another factor that tends to be ignored a little. You have to think of the maintenance,fuel and the insurance cost of the new car your buying and whether you can afford those costs. Check to see if spare parts are readily available for your car etc
  • Proper valuation of your current vehicle - This applies only if you are hoping to sell your current car to buy the new car. You can budget for a specific amount and later realize that you want be getting that much, which can lead to unnecessary problems and more loans
  • Do your research, don't rely on the salesman - There are all sorts of websites available in the Internet to search for specifications of the car. Think about the amount you are willing to spend and check the markets for a suitable car. Salesman are there to sell the vehicle so don't rely too much on there information. When you have done some research and know about the various details of the cars Salesman can't trick you
  • Compare prices in few places - Don't just walk into the car sale and buy a car, check for various sources for the prices. Check the Internet, classifieds section of newspapers and the prices at local car dealers. You can probably save a lot of money this way.

Extra tips to reduce wastage of time and money

There are few other things you might want to consider before and after buying the car.

  • Get your credit reports in order - check for errors and get them fixed. This will help you in getting a loan quickly.
  • Don't get too personal with the salesman - don't discuss your preferences with the salesman, he will pick on those details and try to sell you something that you really don't want.
  • Be vary of the various value additions offered to you - check if you really need them and in most cases you don't.
  • Be prepared to bargain - if you are not comfortable with that try to take a friend who is more comfortable in haggling.

Hope these tips will help you in buying your new car.

Have more tips ? Feel free to share them in the comments section

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