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Top 5 Drift Car Crashes

Updated on May 30, 2010

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Whenever you go to any motorsport show, be it drifting or even oval racing, there's always a sinister, deep-rooted desire to see something fly into a wall... Obviously, the possibility of fatality is definitely not the reason for this, but the prospect of seeing a car burst into flames or barrel roll along the track still manages to get the adrenaline pumping.

If you're into car crashes and drifting, then you're going to be doubly satisfied. I've compiled my list of the top five drift crashes I've come across on youtube. Some in full-frontal drift weapons, others in FWD hatchbacks - ALL of them spectacular.

Let's get started. It's time to get the zip ties out.

#5: Peugeot 206 That Just Won't Steer Right!

Let's get the ball rolling with a low powered FWD Peugeot 206 'powersliding' round a mountain pass corner. Many say that front-wheel drive cars cannot drift. They were right.

#4: Nissan 350Z Vs. Tree

This is just comedy. Looks like the guy was supposed to turn the corner but somehow just keeps flooring his Nissan 350Z right into a tree! It's quite impressive how he managed it really.

#3: Nissan Silvia S14 Vs. Wall

So this video will show you firstly how to drift properly and then... how not to drift. This Silvia S14 just gets a little too wide on a track that is obviously very unforgiving. Ever seen a Silvia airborne? You have now.

#2: Impreza & 206 Share A Stretcher

I know these are rally cars but they are going sideways at their point of impact. These were just really nice crashes too, who'd've thought you could get a Peugoet 206 fifty feet off the ground by drifting!

#1: Toyota Chaser OWNS Nissan Silvia S15

This is the biggest crash the D1 Drifting Grandprix has ever witnessed, being the unfortunate result of the Toyota Chaser suddenly regaining grip mid-drift. This results in an unavoidable side-on collision sending both the Silvia and the Chaser right into the wall! Absolutely epic.

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