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Top 5 Mazda RX7 Bodykits

Updated on May 12, 2012

As you will all know, the Mazda RX7 is a beautiful machine straight out of the factory, with that sleek, curvy profile, pop-up headlights and that sloping rear window that add together to create one of the most iconic cars ever produced.

But as all car tuners must know, there's no greater feeling than creating that individual flair to your car either as a way of physically portraying your personality, or maybe just to feel a little like you were vital in the finished construction. Whatever your reason, adding a bodykit to your Mazda RX7 is simple enough. Choosing the right kit however, is a little tricky.

So to give you a few ideas for making your Mazda RX7 unique, here's my top 5 Mazda RX7 bodykits.

#5: Extreme Dimensions Mazda RX7 V-Speed Kit

The V Speed bodykit is ideal for those wanting to give their Mazda RX7s the racing look to accompany that hard engine tune. The subtlety of this bodykit is what makes it visually so aggressive.

As you can see from the rear aspect, the V speed kit gives your car a wideness boost, making your back bumper jut out to the sides. This is a great look for those hoping to install some wide offset deep dish alloys on their RX7. A sweet bodykit for those that want to look good when they drift.

#4: Extreme Dimensions Mazda RX7 B-Sport Bodykit

This is the ideal bodykit for the totally slammed look. It might be a bit unheard of at present, but the VIP RX7 is definitely something that springs to mind. Just slam a set of deep dish Rota alloys on with the B sport kit and you've got yourself a cruiser... Whilst remaining 100% race (or perhaps drift) ready. A pretty wild bodykit.

#3: Extreme Dimensions Mazda RX7 Vader Bodykit

Looking to revamp the look of your Mazda RX7 entirely? Then this is most likely the kit for you. The first new addition is that plow-like lower lip that seems to protrude from beneath the car. There's no doubting the stylish quality to these aesthetics, but there's bound to be some great downforce improvement to boot.

The rear bumper is also following the super-detailed look with its staircase reminiscent styling. This bodykit's gonna make your Mazda RX7 all kinds of sexy.

#2: Extreme Dimensions Mazda RX7 C2 Bodykit

By throwing in vents within vents and the slightest outlining lips the C2 kit is by no means simple, but at the same time refrains from going overboard. It's difficult to know when to draw the line sometimes in choosing the ideal kit in terms of keeping your car from looking to toy-like, but with the C2 bodykit your Mazda RX7 is going to remain classy, but with a sideorder of fury. This kit also comes in a carbon fiber option for those wanting to shed the pounds.

#1: Extreme Dimensions Mazda RX7 Sleek Bodykit

It's a real brave move on part of the bodykit company to try to change the face of a car as iconic as the Mazda RX7, but the Sleek kit has managed to improve a seemingly perfect design into something visually incredible. If nothing else, the kit excels in the nose region, applying a pointed kind've overhang that makes the Mazda RX7 scream aggression.

And the fantastic thing about this bodykit is that it's not just some poser modification, it's also ideal for drifting and racing alike. It's one devilishly good looking bodykit.

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