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Why Buy A Baby Stroller Car Seat On eBay?

Updated on November 4, 2014

Why Buy On eBay?

As popular as eBay have become over the past years, it is even more popular now to shop on ebay, and amazon then ever before. However what or why do people shop, and buy on eBay? Several reasons, finding a great deal, it's fun, and it is convenient. Personally I have shopped on eBay many times, and loved watching the auctions to see what the closing winning bids will be. I have found some great deals, and was very pleased with the products I have purchased on eBay, and would shop on eBay again. I would recommend shopping on eBay to just about any item mentionable, some of the top products to look for on eBay are baby seats and/or baby strollers. Baby clothes are another item were you can find a great deal for baby items.

New mom’s look for bargains, and great deals everyday for their babies. Parents in particular new moms look for ways to save when shopping for baby clothes, shoes, and especially strollers, and car seats which are expensive. One way of saving a few dollars when shopping for a car seat is to check out eBay. You have the option of buying a new car seat, like new, or a used car seat that is in great to good condition.


 How About That Stroller!!!
How About That Stroller!!! | Source

When shopping on eBay the huge rule of thumb which goes without saying is pictures, pictures, and more pictures. A good seller will have clear, clean pictures, and a lot of them for buyers to go through and look over. High power sellers know it is a given that the more pictures they have the higher their chances of getting good bids. A good seller will always offer potential buyers the opportunity to view what is being sold from every angle. Good sellers will allow potential buyers to view the inside of the child car seat and/or stroller, and will give you a zoomed in photo that will allow the individuals to see the item is clean, and has no stains whatsoever. No one will even, and should not even think of making a bid on a stroller on any other item or product without being able to clearly see what you are getting.

One other key point is to save the pictures to your computer. If you win a bid on a car seat or stroller, and there is a problem you will have some type of proof to show eBay exactly what you saw online before you purchased the item. Make sure to right click on your computer mouse and save the pictures to your desktop or your favorite picture folder that you use for all your pictures. Sometimes discrepancy do happen and if need be, if you should have to bring a case to eBay you have the exact pictures to show and proof of what you are telling the eBay staff in order to win your case and get a refund.

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The experiences I have had on eBay have been good, and have received positive feedback and good comments regarding the items that were sold. Great sellers want good feedback, and good comments. Once you make your purchase and your item is received as expected do not forget to go back and rate the seller it is always helpful to the seller to let them know you are pleased with the item. Or, if there is something wrong even the smallest thing there’s nothing absolutely wrong with stating what you did not like so the seller can improve the quality of what they are selling on eBay.

cute babies
cute babies | Source


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  • yllainehudges profile image

    yllainehudges 5 years ago from Miami

    That is great. I haven't tried yet transacting in ebay though I'm willing to try out pretty soon. I'm glad you made your purchase really valuable and exciting. :)

  • Kent Clarke profile image

    Kent Clarke 5 years ago from Aventura FL

    This is really great.. thanks

  • Steven Wu profile image

    Steven Wu 5 years ago from Easton, Pennsylvania

    good one interesting!!!

  • adrienne2 profile image

    Adrienne F Manson 5 years ago from Atlanta

    Thanks brandasaur I appreciate the vote and comment!

  • brandasaur profile image

    brandasaur 5 years ago from Planet X

    Your poll is fun, i actually participated :)

    Voted up and rated, by the way!

  • adrienne2 profile image

    Adrienne F Manson 5 years ago from Atlanta

    thanks shopping-all!

  • shopping-all profile image

    shopping-all 5 years ago from USA

    its really interesting and informatics.