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Benefits of ABS Brakes

Updated on July 4, 2011

ABS is anti lock braking system as I explained in my previous articles, Use of ABS in Cars and How ABS System Works In Cars?

ABS benefits include:

  • Preventing the wheel from locking at the time of braking
  • Keeping the wheel rotating
  • Due to rotating wheel, it helps you to steer away the vehicle from the object while applying brakes at the same time.
  • Is even more effective in sand, snow, water, and mud where loss of traction is even higher, as on these surfaces, with normal braking system, it is even easier to lock wheels and loose traction but ABS works excellent in these conditions also and stops the vehicle in a much shorter distance.

Now for example, if without ABS, on dry roads, a car takes around 40 meters to come to a dead stop from 80 kmph, with ABS, it will stop in approximately 32 to 33 meters. In wet this performance is even better. For the same speed on wet roads, if your car takes 55 meters to stop from 80 kmph, with ABS, it will stop approximately in 42 to 43 meters. Isn’t ABS incredible?


Though this difference of 7 to 8 meters may seem too small but in the event of an accident, this distance can decide your life or death. Now you must have got it? It has happened with me as I have told in one of my earlier travel articles that while coming from Moradabad to Delhi, I was clocking speeds in excess of 130 kmph when a roadways bus turned to right all of a sudden without any indication.

I was hardly at a distance of around 60 to 65 meters from it and when I applied brakes with full force, I managed to stop just approximately 2 meters before hitting the bus. If I didn’t have ABS and if the car had taken another 2 to 3 meters to stop, you can imagine what tragedy could have taken place. I may not had been writing this article for you folks. This is what ABS can do.

All what a manufacturer charges you for ABS equipped car is roughly rupees 20000 to 30000 INR which is nothing if you consider the benefits of ABS. It is well worth waiting for an ABS car and investing your hard earned money into it. If we will live, then only we will keep earning. And after the GOD, it is the ABS system which can decide in an emergency braking situation that we will live or not.

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