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Best small family car in 5.5 lakhs - Fiat Grande Punto

Updated on March 24, 2012

My neighbor, Rajat, got his Fiat Grande Punto delivered. And in 3 hours, he drove the first 100 kilometers. He said it was hard to resist his feeling. According to him, the best part of the car is the more you drive it, the more you get comfortable with it and start loving it. I had a look on the car and drove it a few kilometers with him. Actually, Punto has more features than what I have read in online car reviews, it has stylish interiors and exteriors, good multimedia system, performance and driving comfort are great. I will say it is an underdog and it is better than all the reviews that you may have seen about this car on TVs. It has certain features which are not even in most C-segment cars. Yes, it is the best small family car in 5.5 lakhs though Toyota Etios Liva and Maruti Swift are other good options in the same range.

Now coming back to Grande Punto, the multi features screen on the driver console is way too good. It gives you hell lot of option to configure and monitor. Car is quite stable and once you take it to 2000 RPM, it is a pleasure to drive.

Photograph of Fiat Grande Punto 2010 auto expo New Delhi - Sports model
Photograph of Fiat Grande Punto 2010 auto expo New Delhi - Sports model | Source
Fiat Punto Electric Blue - auto expo 2008 New Delhi- old pic
Fiat Punto Electric Blue - auto expo 2008 New Delhi- old pic | Source

Build quality and car space is good for small family and you can easily accommodate three people on the back seat. Dickey is of good size, 280-liter boot space is good enough for two big briefcases.

For entertainment, music system with six speakers on door is quite good enough to give you enough pump while driving. Seat height adjustment and tilt steering are good features and give you a good sporty feel. Must features for best small family car.

Mileage and Fuel Average Update

Till today, mileage of Rajat’s car was 314 kilometers. As per car mileage indicator, it is giving in between 12.5 km per liter to 13 kmpl with ease driving, while rash driving gives 11.6 km/l. Both mileage were recorded with City driving and AC on. This mileage is for Emotion 1.2 Dynamic.

Yesterday, he drove all the way from Gurgaon to Noida and then Vasundhra Ghaziabad and then back to Noida and in evening Noida to Airport and back to Gurgaon. The average consumption varied throughout the trip. This is what average mileage indicator suggested.

Gurgaon to Noida = 13.8 kmpl (peak hour driving)

Noida to Vasundhra Ghaziabad= 13.8 kmpl ( it was short trip ,as it hardly takes 7 to 8 minutes)

Vasundhra Ghaziabad to Noida = 13.7 kmpl

Going back from Noida, he reset the trip A and B.

Initially, he started with 14.2 kmpl but when he gradually start avoiding extra throttle and tried to give smooth acceleration, then he saw significant decrease in average fuel consumption.

Noida Sec 62 to Domestic Airport = 18.5 Kmpl “wow” was the word that he said. Total distance traveled was 32.4 km and it took him exactly 1 hour to reach airport where he faced heavy traffic after DND flyover (South Extension, AIIMS, Naraina). While driving, he just took care of two things:

1. Avoiding extra throttle to car.

2. Avoiding uneven speed acceleration.

From airport to back his father-in-law’s place in Gurgaon 20 km, the average fuel consumption was 18 km/liter for 32 + 20 = 52 km total travel which also includes 20-minute ideal while waiting for flight. All the time, AC was on which is good if the readings were correct.

Go for it. It is a good family car. A car with similar features and little more peppy engine is Hyundai i20 but it is approximately 1 lakhs more costly on road. Regards to Grande Punto, you will love it and definitely get loads of appreciation and attention from family and friends.


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