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Boxes for Moving

Updated on September 27, 2010

If you are planning on moving sometime soon, there a so many things to think about and the closer to the date of the move you get to, the more things you find that you haven't sorted out yet. Well, whatever you do, you must remember to collect sufficient boxes to pack all your smaller stuff in. Or come the day of the delivery collection as the truck rolls up outside your house, you don't want to be scrambling around sorting out your CD collection or trying to figure out where you are going to put all your hundreds of books!

That's why it is so very important to plan your intended house or office move plenty of time in advance so that you can be ready to pack the stuff away into those specially prepared boxes fo moving that you don't really need right now.

This page looks at the versatility and usefulness of those cleverly, flat-packed boxes for moving that you can buy that are just perfect for getting all your stuff safely together in preparation for when the big day finally arrives.

Boxes for Moving and their Advantages

The great advantage to using ready made moving boxes is that they are all of a standard size and generally stronger than the ones you can pick up in your local supermarket or other type of shop or store. Being a standard size means they will stack better in the removal truck and will be much less likely to move around. they can be shrink wrapped together on a pallet to make moving them around even easier for the moving company.

Being purpose built for moving household goods, these special moving boxes are stronger than those you might pick up for free at the supermarket. You really don't want a large box full of your best kitchen crockery falling to pieces and spilling its contents everywhere because you skimped and got a load of free boxes from Tesco!

Boxes for Moving Variations

You can also buy moving boxes that are purpose built for each room of your home. So a kitchen set of boxes will naturally be stronger than a set of boxes designed to carry lighter items such as carefully bubble wrapped ornaments. You can also get wardrobe moving boxes.

These special boxes are designed to provide easy transfer of items that are in your closet without the need to take all the clothes off hangers or having to cram them flat resulting in wrinkled clothing.With these spacial boxes, a well built metal hanger bar is fitted across the top side of the box. This enables the easy transfer of clothing direct from closet to closet.

If you search around, you can find wardrobe moving boxes in two different sizes. There are tall ones for dresses and suits and shorter ones for skirts, shirts and folded trousers. To really make them super-useful, the bottoms make a good place to put shoes, trainers and boots.

You can find moving cartons that come in a variety of sizes. Many people make the mistake of choosing only the biggest size of box available. That's fine for large, lightweight items, but what about a bookcase full of large, heavy books? Think on how much the box would weigh as a dead weight. It may take two people to move it and they would risk damaging their backs. In such a case, small is beautiful! Make the best use of multiple box sizes for the most efficient packing.

Its also important to consider the strength of the boxes you're going to use.

A box that has a rating of 32 ECT (, which stands for Edge Crush Test) is a sturdy moving box. ECT is a rating that you should look for on a box to gauge its strength under pressure or duress. A box with a rating of 32 ECT can withstand 32 pounds per square inch of pressure while standing on its edge. This is important when your all of your cardboard moving boxes are stacked on top of one another in the load space of the delivery truck.

Purpose built boxes for moving are a wise choice when you are considering your next move and their cost is completely offset by the peach of mind they will give you knowing that they are far less likely to collapse where a free supermarket box may well do and cause some of your treasured possessions to be damaged. Think on that!


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