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Car Snow Brushes, Snow Brooms and Windshield Ice Scrapers

Updated on August 30, 2014

When winter comes so too does the snow and this poses a regular problem for automobile owners. Unless you decide to hibernate all winter, there is always the chance you will run into a snowstorm which bogs down your car in a foot or more of powder and covers the roof, hood and windshield with a layer of slush and ice. To prepare for this eventuality, all car owners should carry with them somewhere in their vehicle, a good portable snow shovel, a windshield ice scraper and snow broom or snow removal brush to get them back on the road.

Snow Brushes and Snow Removing Brooms

For light snowfall, a good handheld snow brush will make short work of accumulated powder. These lightweight portable snow brushes, also know as car snow brooms, are ideal for brushing off your car roof, hood and are the ideal tool for clearing snow from a car windshield. Although it is tempting to use your shovel for this, car snow brushes are a much better alternative as they are designed to not scratch car paint or damage car windows with scratches and scrapes you will have to look at all year long.

Snow removal brushes often come with an ice scraper attachment to kill two birds with one stone, typically with the brush at one end and the scraper at the other at the tip of the handle. An ice scraper is used for removing windshield ice and frost accumulation from an iced up windshield. Specialist ice scrapers, like heated ice scrapers may be a better alternative but as a two in one removing tool, these are a good combination product.

Use Snow Brooms For A Longer Reach

When heavier accumulations mount up on your car roof and hood, then you will start to appreciate something more sturdy and with a longer handle like the well rated SnoBrum snow sweeping broom. Windshield scrapers and car snow removal tools like handheld brushes and scraping tools are great for a small amount of powder, but when you get slammed by foul winter weather then you have to start looking at a more heavy duty alternative. That’s when you can pull out your Sno Brum car snow rake and or other extendable snow broom and easily rake it off your car without risking scratching your paintjob or windscreen with the alternative which is usually something less car-friendly like a shovel or worse.

Extendable snow brushes remove snow without quite so much hassle. With something like a 4ft snow broom, or longer, you can stand in on place and brush snow off a car without having to trudge all around it getting slush in your boots. It’s easier and it requires less effort which is always a good thing. Extendable snow brushes are easy to store as they retract when not in use, folding away to a fraction of their original long length, allow you to stow it in the your trunk of your car when you are done with it.

Snow Brushes For RV and Camper Vans

The average brush might only be a foot or two in length which isn’t much use when you are talking about clearing poweder off an Motorhome, RV or large truck for example. Extra long snow brooms with extendable handles are the better option for this, and there are many options out there to choose between. RV snow removal tools can range in length up to 6ft or longer allowing you to scrape ice and frost off of an RV windshield or pull powder of a camper van roof more easily. These are also the better alternative for SUV owners, minivan drivers, truck fact, any large, tall vehicle will benefit from a long handled broom.


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