advantage chevrolet

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    lemonhaterposted 8 years ago

    i purchased a car from advantage chevrolet (in illinois) a while back. the manager swore he would give me a warranty. i had some issues with the car but he told me it would have to wait till the next day to fix. when i got it home the air ride system failed. mind u this happened the same day the next day i went in and asked for my money back. i was told that they would not return my money. after numerous problems with the car and no response from advantage chevrolete. i contacted the better business buerou. they marked my complaint as resolved because the dealership refused to fix the problem. i contacted the attorney general of illinois Lisa Madigan and again they would not even look into it. i contacted the owner of advantage chevrolete and the owner told me point blank he would not do anything and that the bbb would not do anything either since it is a club that he pays!!! i ended up filling for bankruptcy due to their unethical and dishonest business practices. i was told by a lawyer it would cost to much to fight them in court so i guess the next time i should be aware of getting taken. STAY AWAY FROM ADVANTAGE CHEVROLET.

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    49erposted 8 years ago

    Sorry to hear about your problems, but next time ensure that you have the warranty in place before you purchase the vehicle and sign the paperwork.